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Viral Bouquet Toss Reel | Rob and Maddie Backyard Wedding

Viral Bouquet Toss Reel | Rob and Maddie Backyard Wedding

I love these guys and their story!!! The way they found me is the best story ever. Rob is an engineer and he did all the research on all the photographers he could find. He then ranked everyone by cost, edit, packages, etc. Then he took the top ones to Maddie and told her to pick from those who she liked. And THEY PICKED ME!!!

When they told me this story I think my smile broke my face. WOWOWOW. This feeds my soul so much! This is the exact way I bought my car. Hahahahah

The way that these two first met was sitting near each other at church. Rob had just moved back to the state and took Maddie on a date 2 months after they first met at church. 

Their first date was to Chipotle and they talked a ton. The second date was to Boondocks and Rob admitted to beating Maddie at mini golf!! 

Viral Bouquet Toss Reel Viral Bouquet Toss Reel Viral Bouquet Toss Reel Viral Bouquet Toss Reel

Then one day she got home from work and there were purple roses waiting for her. Those mean love at first sight. He lead her around using poems in a scavenger hunt that took her to important places to them.

There was a Chipotle gift card to eat with her sister and then her last stop was at Boondocks. When she got there, there was a puzzle waiting that told her to head home to get changed then meet him at his house. There was an arch in the backyard with lights and he was there waiting to propose to her. Both of their families were there to celebrate them! 

She couldn’t wait to say yes to forever with him!! 

Viral Bouquet Toss Reel Viral Bouquet Toss Reel Viral Bouquet Toss Reel

They had a stunning wedding day in Rob’s parents backyard. They decorated with the prettiest hanging lanterns and had a stunning watercolor painted cake! Everyone there made me feel so invited and loved!

They had their wedding ceremony with the Wasatch mountains in the background, and had a yummy dinner for everyone.

I really enjoyed that they had their family give speeches about them.

The best part was Maddie threw a loose bouquet of florals to ALL the girls at her wedding… A shower of flower stems rained down and everyone was surprised!!

I had someone film it and I posted it as a REEL after the wedding on Instagram and it went viral! I made a viral bouquet toss reel! So many brides are excited to include ALL the women at their wedding in this way this summer! It was a magical night with these two!! Can’t wait for their lives to start together!  

Viral Bouquet Toss Reel

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March 19, 2021

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