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Jordan and Austin | Wellsville Mountains

I don’t think I’ve ever had a bride that is sweeter than Jordan here. Every time I talk with her, I am just blown away by her genuine kindness and love for those around her. I figured it would be a pretty special guy to have snagged her for his eternity, and I was totally right. Austin is by far one of the nicest and most refreshing grooms I’ve met. I can see why she is so head over heels for him!! Jordan contacted me a while ago about engagements but her fiancé was about to have ankle surgery so she wasn’t sure when he would propose. Let’s just say that Austin’s proposal takes the cake! He took her on a private plane to take a tour of the valley. Not only is that every girl’s dream, but going with the man you love is that much more exhilarating. They flew over the whole valley, even over the Wellsville mountains, which is their favorites. When they circled around, she was surprised to see “Will you marry me?” written on the roof on Blue Square by USU campus. Jordan had the flight and surprise of her life, and was too happy to say YES!

Jordan and Austin came ready to giggle at our session. It always lifts my self esteem when people laugh at my jokes, so after their session, I was totally feeling good! I suggested we head out to Mendon on a whim and Jordan then told me about her and Austin’s weird obsession with the Wellsville mountains. They just LOVE them, as they should. They are soo pretty!! It was a little windy but Jordan couldn’t be bothered at all. Of course I always tell my brides that a breeze is good cause its romantic. These two embraced each other like it was the only place in the world they wanted to be. That’s exactly what love looks and feels like. I’m loving everything floral this spring and Jordan’s outfits were on point. Austin kept cracking jokes that made Jordan giggle uncontrollably. Let’s just say that I think these two will have a blast during their lives together. Can’t wait til May.

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April 15, 2016

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