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36 Weeks & A Trip Home

It’s been another crazy two weeks since our last post! I shot 2 full day weddings, 5 family sessions and traveled to and from Washington alone with my crazy little man. I am now 36.5 weeks, which means less than 1 week until maternity leave (2 more sessions) and less than 4 weeks until I’m holding my sweet baby girl! Technically we only 18 days or less! Now that work has slowed down, my get-ready-for-the-baby to-do list is finally getting tackled. It is insanely long and most of it is probably unnecessary (shampoo carpet, scrub walls, freezer meals, etc…) Regardless, Luke and I have been working so hard to finish it this weekend! I can’t even believe how fast (and slow) this pregnancy went. We are so so so excited to meet our baby girl!!


HOW FAR ALONG: 36 weeks & 3 days (which in the 9th and final months) Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.50.34 AM

HOW BIG IS BABY: Our baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce…almost 6 pounds and more than 18 1/2 inches long.

MOVEMENT: My entire body is rockin’ and rollin’ all day long. Piper’s head is really really low, so not only does my entire belly shake around, but my butt does too. It’s the weirdest thing feeling the kicks (or head butts I guess) in the butt too! Haha! She kicks my ribs occasionally, but it’s only painful when I’m slouching. I am enjoying all this movement because I know that I will miss it soo much next month when she’s not inside me anymore.

by Casey James Photography


FEELING: Pretty dang good! My back, neck and hips/pelvic area have been in a lot of pain the past few weeks, but that is to be expected when you are 36 weeks pregnant with weddings, sessions and traveling with a toddler. I had a chiropractic appointment as soon as we got back and another in less than a week. I also scheduled a prenatal massage for Monday. I’ve been having lots of braxton hicks contractions, but nothing painful…yet. DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT: My last doctor’s appointment was on Thursday. Despite how little everyone (including the doctor) says I look, I am measuring totally on track. I’m dilated to 1 cm and Piper’s head is really really low. The doctor said IF I go into labor on my own this time, it will most likely be very fast judging by how soft my cervix is, how low Piper is and how fast my last labor was with Brody.

WEIGHT GAIN: Around 24 lbs.

CRAVINGS: Fruit, Ice Water, Clorox Bleach Wipes, Laundry Soap – just the normal stuff. ;)

SLEEP: I still can’t sleep without my Benadryl, but I’ve been able to get a lot of work done in those late nights.

STRETCH MARKS: They mix in well with the old ones so who knows how many new ones.

36 Weeks

from 35.5 weeks


  • MATERNITY PHOTOS: I can’t wait to see them ALL!!! Casey James Photography did an incredible job and I am obsessed with the two sneak peeks.
  • MATERNITY LEAVE: I only have 2 more shoots until I am officially on leave! I have been working my butt off the past few months to schedule FB posts, blog posts and newsletters for October-January so I can keep things running smoothly while I’m cuddlin’ my babies. I have over 50 Facebook posts scheduled, over 30 blog posts written and 4 monthly newsletters ready to go!
  • SHOPPING: I finally ordered all the essentials (diapers, wipes, nursing pads, diaper cream, etc) from my Amazon cart, but I still have nursery decor, accessories and cute but no totally necessary stuff waiting for me. I’m super excited to be finished so I can set up Piper’s room.
  • NEWBORN PICTURES: I’m still collecting props, wraps and backdrops for her daily newborn sessions. I’m a little sad because I was scammed by one of my favorite newborn prop vendors and I still haven’t received a full order of wraps and floors from August. She won’t give me a refund either. But tomorrow I will be going to local stores to make up for it!
  • BRODY & PIPERT: Brody’s “Piper” has turned into “Pipert.” It’s the cutest. He still gives her hugs, kisses and usually at least one kick a day. He has been a big helper this week unpacking Amazon boxes of bottles and newborn essentials. I can’t wait for him to really meet his sister.



We made our final pre-baby trip home last weekend! My sister, Brooklyn, went through the Seattle Temple for the first time. It was soo amazing to go through the temple with my two sisters, parents and both sets of grandparents. We had a great time visiting our family, friends, Koibitos, the Children’s Museum, the farm, Red Robin and doing a few sessions. Brody always has the BEST time in Washington no matter what we are doing. He loves his aunts, uncles and grandparents, all the animals, being outside and all the fun toys. I love being around my family!


September 26, 2014

Kylee Maughan

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