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Allie and Steven | Dallas Texas Photographer

Allie and Steven are so romantic. They are the type of couple that you can tell they have already faced so many ups and downs together and are so much stronger for it. They met while working at my favorite food chain. He was her manager at Chick-fil-a, and when he first transferred to her store, she was not his biggest fan. She had passionate feelings about Steven from the very beginning, she just thought he was pretty much not someone she would ever want to hang out with. Steven says that he knew he would woo Allie from the very beginning. After a while, a friendship formed outside of work. Allie even invited Steven to come to some religious classes with her and he accepted. She stayed by his side as he investigated the LDS church and ended up choosing to get baptized. Allie pretty much knew she was falling in love, even though she resisted there at the beginning.

Like I said, Steven has been ready to marry Allie for a while. Last spring, he picked out a ring based on the ones she had pinned on her Pintrest board (genius, right?) and got the ring pretty much without Allie knowing. Allie made a suggestion of getting couples photos to celebrate their anniversary coming up, and Steven thought that would be the perfect chance to propose and get pictures of it. Allie should have caught on since Steven was so insistent on getting pictures, but she didn’t and was just so happy to get to snuggle in front of the camera. There wasn’t a solid plan of how it was going to happen, and during a prompt from the photographer, Steven surprised himself, Allie AND the photographer and whispered “Will you marry me?” into Allie’s ear. She was shocked and so so happy!!! They are the most committed and beautiful couple. They love to giggle with each other and seriously love each other so selflessly. I have loved watching their love story grow through the past few months. I love getting to travel down to Texas for my first time ever and serve them in their home town!! The southern charm and kindness radiated through their entire family and day. I am so honored to have gotten be a Dallas Texas Photographer!! Enjoy! 

October 13, 2017

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