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8 Reasons All Photographers Should Be Blogging

SO many photographers think blogging is a thing of the past, but I’m here to convince you otherwise. Blogging is the #1 tool that’s taken me to the top…and in a very short amount of time. I want to share eight reasons all photographers should be blogging and hopefully get you inspired to start a photography blog today!

1. Your clients love it

Our clients at Kylee Ann Studios seriously love and wait for their blog posts. They expect them, they wait for them and they share them. Most people feel really special to be on a blog, and can’t wait to hear what we say about their session or story.

I think my favorite part of your blog is when you do the story for the family that you were shooting. That was really cute to read after our session.

2. Easy to See Your Growth & Remember Your Clients

My blog has become a journal for my business. It’s a place where we can measure our growth over the years. I can look back to who I was as a photographer from the very beginning to now, share accomplishments and struggles along the way and remember every part of the journey.

I reference back to my blog all the time. It’s like a client database for me. Every single session I’ve ever shot can be found on my blog with detailed information about each shoot. I have 300+ words per blog of hundreds of different clients. I can go back and read all about what we did, where we went, what they were doing in their life at that time, how they met, all these different things. I can give you a history of all my clients just by scrolling through my blog.

3. Reach new audience EVERY day

I am not blogging for my Facebook audience or Instagram followers. I am blogging for our clients. Their friend and their family. We are telling their story, and sharing our favorite pictures from their shoot. By blogging for our clients, we are reaching new audiences every single day. When a bride shares her wedding day, we have 500 new people that would have never seen my blog otherwise coming on my website to gush over the newlyweds.

4. Portfolio

It’s the easiest way for potential clients to see our portfolio and ALL our recent work. So many times photographers only show whats most ideal. Best light, best outfits, easy children. I like to share favorites from every type of shoot we do so people know what to expect of our work no matter what. Instead of just being able to see our top 1-3 favorite pictures from each shoot on my Instagram feed, they can scroll through and see what an entire session would be like.

I’m an over-sharer and couldn’t imagine limiting all my sessions to just the 1-2 posts on Instagram. There are way too many cute ones to not blog.

5. Content that continues to serve

My blog is a place for content to live and continue to serve my audience. Even the most amazing social media posts only last about 24 hours before they are irrelevant and hard to find. When I create a blog post on what to wear or how to prepare, the content stays exactly where I put it for me to re-use and share with all my potential clients. We have brides that come back to scroll through their blog monthly to reminisce on their wedding days, and brides that spend hours reading through our bride tips.

6. SEO aka Get to the Top of Google

Our blog is the reason we got to the number one spot on Google for our area. It took 6 months of consistent blogging to get to the top, and now we have people who find us from a simple search almost every single day. Our clients consistently find us on Google, and it’s opened the door to opportunities that are unimaginable otherwise.

For example, CHUCK NORRIS. Chuck didn’t find us to be his photographer because he was searching for the best romantic wedding photographer in town. He found us because we were the first to pop up in the area, and he needed a photographer that same day.

7. Pinterest

Having a blog means content stays, which gives you so many opportunities to share it. You can re-share on social media, or with your clients, but one of the most overlooked ways is PINTEREST. Most brides and moms are on Pinterest before they get in front of camera. They are looking for bride tips, wedding ideas, outfit inspiration and more. If you’re not on Pinterest, you are missing out on so many potential clients.

8. Lastly, It’s Fun!

I know you probably don’t think that right now. It doesn’t sound fun. It sounds like a really daunting task. When I started my blog it was painful for me too. It was just another chore. Another thing I had to do. But now it’s so easy for me. New ideas pop into my head all the time and sharing my client’s stories has become a simple task.

Don’t believe me? Try it.

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Start a Photography Blog | Eight Reasons all Photographers Should be Blogging


October 12, 2017

Kylee Maughan

I’m a mom building a business and community from the comfiest spot on my bed. What started as girl with a camera turned into a dream business. With God and my husband by my side, I have grown this one woman amateur show into the best team. I have five incredible women by my side serving hundreds of brides, families and brands each year. I also get to help other women (mainly moms) create thriving businesses from home and grow a community of kind creatives.

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