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BHLDN Wedding Dress | Olivia and Tom Wedding 

Provo City Center Temple

This stunning wedding day was so perfect! I especially loved Olivia’s elegant BHLDN wedding dress and Tom’s stinking suit. Olivia and Tom met while living in Boston. She is a biology and flue student at Boston University and he is a computer science major at MIT. They were set up on a blind date night! On that date, they went to a painting activity and then to a board game cafe. They hit it off right away and found out they would both be in Utah for a summer! That’s when they spent a lot of time together and things grew into a romance.

BHLDN Wedding Dress

A few months ago he took Olivia out on an evening stroll around the Charles River. In my mind it feels just like a movie seeing them strolling along the river after going ice-skating and going to dinner. She had an idea that he had the ring but had no idea when he was planning on proposing. Even though they had to sprint across the freeway to get to a scenic spot and it was a little bit of a cold evening Tom surprised her by getting down on one knee. Olivia was so in shock she wasn’t sure that he was being serious, but the second that she looked into his eyes she knew the only answer to his question was yes times forever.

Squaw Peak Bridals

They were married on a summery June day. They had a beautiful luncheon for all of their guests prior to the wedding day where their families both presented the other member of the couple with “How to Live with this Person “ kits. They included macaroni and cheese, warm socks and a cookbook of Tom’s favorite foods. The two Dads actually joined up and created a speech together in form of a poem that had the entire room laughing and crying. I loved how family focused the wedding day was for these two.

Backyard Reception

The weather forecast kept us on our toes throughout the entire day. They held the reception at Tom’s parents backyard. During a little bit of some rain sprinkles they move the party inside of their beautiful home. They had so many personal touches throughout the reception. Everything had a “His” favorite and “Her” favorite counterparts of all of the food. They had yummy Cafe Rio, boba tea, candy, veggies, cotton candy, cake and pudding cups, all of which was amazing. They had a beautiful photo timeline of their life created by his sister that detailed all the different events of their lives before they met and then after they met. Tom is very good about taking lots of pictures of everything they do. They had friends and family flying from all over the country to be there to celebrate them

Balloon Wedding Send Off

I loved the balloon on a stick send off in front of the beautiful home. These two are so committed to each other. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a couple enjoy their wedding day than these two. They were so good at taking part in every piece of their reception and had so many loving guests that came to celebrate them. I love their love! Congrats to these two newly weds! Enjoy!


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July 5, 2019

Rachel Hudson

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