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Brammer Family | Rolling Hills Wellsville Family Pictures

I have been photographing the Brammer family since 2015. Because they have a lot of young children, we like to stay pretty close to where they live. That car ride on top of an hour of pictures just isn’t the best mix.

After 6 years of taking the Brammer’s pictures, I couldn’t believe we had never been to one of my favorite spots in Cache Valley. This rolling hills location in Wellsville is gorgeous year round. With the haze from the fires, I think it was even dreamier than normal.

Capturing real personalities is always a goal of mine. Its easy with the Brammers after all these years. I love capturing their competitiveness with each other, the sass, silliness and everything in between.

I met Lindsey through photos, but have become good friends with her through the years. Even though we only see each other once or twice, here or there.

The other day I was in a bind. I was coming home late from a shoot, and I was going to miss preschool pick up. Ro and Rylee are in the same school. So I gave her a call. Rylee was sick and not at school, but she ran and got Ro anyway. Which was hilarious because Ro doesnt know Linds…and he made that clear when he got in her car. “You’re not my mom”

I really love hanging out with these beautiful people, and calling them my friends. SO happy our kids are in the same schools so we can cross paths even more than before.

Wellsville Family Pictures

Wellsville Family Pictures | Brammer Family 2021

November 22, 2021

Kylee Maughan

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