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Hawaii Photography Workshop ELEVEN girl bosses flew to Hawaii (some for the very first time) to attend the fourth annual Kylee Ann Destination Sleepover. Eight attendees, three vendors at the Hawaii Photography Workshop! Out of the eight attendees, there are FIVE women that have attended at least one other destination sleepover!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Not only has this […]

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I LOVE seeing my work printed on someone’s wall, but its obviously rare that I walk in my clients house. When I switched to commercial work, I started to see my work all over! When I open their websites, my work is full size on their banner, under every product description and in every blog […]

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Nothing is better than little girls in dresses and Leotards, so these Leotard Brand Photos are to die for! The long sleeve tutu is what dreams are made of. I would LOVE one in my size. It was soft and had those long stretch sleeves. I love that these onesies and dresses are customizable. I […]

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“You can’t have one foot in and and one foot out on both parts of your life.” When I was attending Glow Con a few months ago, Rachel Hollis dropped so many truth bombs that us moms in business needed to hear. We are constantly trying to be the best moms we can be WHILE […]

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I’m a working mom because I choose to be a working mom. And I choose to work because I love to work. I choose to let go of mom guilt, shame and society’s expectations (past and current) of what a mom should or shouldn’t be. And I choose to live my best life. For me, […]

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EIGHT years ago we walked out of the Portland temple hand in hand. Our white umbrella ☂ turned inside out with the windy rain storm and we hit the man in white on the way out the temple doors. We were SO young. And so in love. But that 18 year old love is nothing […]

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Sadie & Tyler’s Love Story Everyone dreams about falling in love with the boy next door. It didn’t take long for him to notice her but he was quiet. After a little while, with the help of some of his outgoing roommates, they met. And when they finally got together for the first time, they […]

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Mom Boss Commercial shoots are relatively new to me but I would shoot this kind of stuff every single day! It’s been so fulfilling to be a lifestyle commercial photographer for kids brands like Papper Apparel and other brands. It takes “Mom Boss” to a new level. Being a mom is what I know, and is who […]

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Hey it’s Rachel and Hiliary here!! Today we are so excited to share a little project we’ve been working on!! July 9th is a pretty special day because it is the day that our beautiful leader was born!! Happy birthday Kylee Ann!! We are so excited to get to celebrate you today! Kylee started this […]

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Running low on cheap ideas for summer entertainment? Here are 12 CHEAP summer activities for kids and families of all ages! Backyard Camping Pop up the tent, or grab your blankets and stretch them out on the trampoline. Our backyard camping this summer was a dream… The kids LOVED setting up camp, organizing the tent, […]

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Ashley & Joe Today is the day. Ashley and Joe are being sealed for time and all Eternity in the Ogden Utah Temple! The coolest part of their bridal session was when we met their sealer! Ashley’s mom is a friendly woman! As we were taking pictures, she would sit down and talk to the […]

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Ashley & Joe Their engagements bright simple and beautiful. You can tell they are crazy about each other by the way they look into each others eyes. Bright eyes and bright smiles. Loved getting to know Ashley & Joe. They first met in Senora Russell’s eighth grade Spanish class as their Latino alter egos, Eduardo […]

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