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First Annual #KADayofKindness | Happy 26th Birthday Kylee Ann!!

Hey it’s Rachel and Hiliary here!! Today we are so excited to share a little project we’ve been working on!! July 9th is a pretty special day because it is the day that our beautiful leader was born!! Happy birthday Kylee Ann!! We are so excited to get to celebrate you today!

Kylee started this business over 7 years ago and based it on 2 principles: kindness and service! By infusing these two ideas in everything she does, she has not only created the best photography studio in the state, but has created a world-wide photography online community, speaks and educates all over UT, runs an empowering Maskcara team with her sister, is a fantastic wife and mom to three kiddos, and endlessly supports her immediate and extended family. She is one of the most consistent and caring people we know.

In a world where there is a lot of darkness, Kylee stands out as a light of kindness. It’s easy to see all the things that she does and has created from the outside, but what people don’t know is that Kylee does that isn’t in the public eye. Kylee regularly donates free photography sessions to families facing cancer or hard ships, delivers meals to those in need, mails gifts across the country to acquaintances that have lost a family member, remembers names and life details of EVERYONE of she meets and so much more! These are the things she would never publicly talk about or share since its just a natural part of her life, she doesn’t realize how unique she is.

Her true success isn’t found in monetary or business achievements but in the legacy of kindness she has already created.  We’ve seen first hand the way that kindness can truly lead a happy life and success business! To celebrate Kylee’s legacy, we invited some friends to anonymously submit acts of kindness either performed or received! We gathered almost 100 submissions!

We are naming July 9th, 2018 our first Official Kylee Ann Studios Day of Kindness. You can participate today by doing something kind for someone today, sharing about what kindness means to you on social media and anonymously submitting acts of kindness through this link:


#KADayofKindness Submissions!

  • Spent a week being a leader at a youth camp I love doing simple things for the kids and seeing their eyes light up, so precious!!
  • There was the sweetest homeless man on the corner today that I gave my spare change to. I don’t know if it made a difference in his life, but the genuine gratitude in his eyes made a difference in mine!!
  • My husband got up with Baby today so I could sleep a little bit longer. True love!!
  • People made me feel so welcome and loved today by just saying hello! It helps me want to pay it forward!!
  • Spent a week being a leader at a youth camp I love doing simple things for the kids and seeing their eyes light up, so precious!!
  • An elderly women that goes to my church fell and broke her hip so I, along with many other people, brought her dinner and different treats to help her. ❤
  • Dropped off photo shoot food leftovers to kind neighbors on our way home!
  • My husband knew I was having a rough Sunday so every time he saw me, he gave me big kisses and told me he loved me! Little acts of kindness go so far!
  • I paid for the order behind me in Starbucks!
  • My cousin played a game with me when i was really really bored i was very grateful for that :)
  • My dad surprised our family with a great big dinner after church today!!
  • My sister did my laundry today for me which really helped me because i was stressed out about packing for my trip!!
  • Each year I create “Heart Mom” goodie bags with lots of heart stuff in them for moms that just had babies born with a congenital heart defect to let them know they aren’t alone and they can do this!
  • I donated a family session to a family in need!
  • Dropping a kind note in the mailbox for the mail carrier to find!
  • Today I volunteered to photograph the funeral of a young husband in my ward. I don’t know his wife very well but I felt prompted that it would mean a lot to her. She accepted. I have been inspired by Kylee to use photography to serve.
  • I folded my kid’s clothes and put them away. Normally this is a chore they are asked to perform, but I knew they wanted to play and it would have taken them twice as long if I didn’t help out. They were SO grateful to me and it made me happy to serve them.
  • I tried to compliment others today. I made sure to say what I was thinking, because it’s nice to hear things like that! Simple things like, “I love your dress!” Or “you always look so cute!”
  • A friend went out of her way to invite me to dinner when she knew I was having a rough day. She listened and that made all the difference.
  • We were trying to think of something to do and my 6 year old suggested we visit great grandma because he knows how lonely she gets. She is a widow and he’s constantly thinking of her!
  • Our mail can’t be delivered due to construction, but my mail has been in my door box every single day anyway. 💜
  • When I won a big photography contest years ago, Kylee was so nice to me about it!! She congratulated me, came to the celebratory dinner and wrote me a card! It really stood out to me! She was so so kind!
  • Babysat so that my SIL was able to have a much needed break and get out of the house.
  • Made a special effort to thank church teachers
  • While in Japan a cute man came up to us, obviously lost, and said “it’s my hobby to help people, how can i help You?”
  • We took my little sister for her first camping trip this weekend.
  • We bought our friends some ice cream! 🍦

I like setting my alarm every Sunday to text random people throughout the week telling them I love them and miss hanging out with them.


  • Many friends have been offering rides when needed.
  • I received a nice message from a friend letting us know we are being prayed for.
  • When I shop online, I tell my favorite “influencer” friends to make a ‘swipe up’ so they can make money off my purchase!
  • My friend brought us dessert at the hospital!
  • Neighbors mowed our lawn for us! And make sure it’s watered. They have a whole calendar of neighbors to mow it!
  • We were sent photos of our family from our wedding for our hospital room. Made our day. We treasure those photos!!!
  • Many many people are praying for my dad and family!
  • Many families brought us and are still bringing us meals as we go back and forth from the hospital.

Each year I create “Heart Mom” goodie bags with lots of heart stuff in them for moms that just had babies born with a congenital heart defect to let them know they aren’t alone and they can do this!

  • Sometime I surprise my husband by mowing the lawn before he gets home so he doesn’t have to!
  • Sometimes someone will be on my mind and I’ll anonymously send them a card in the mail!
  • Send a Brightbox to someone!
  • To use my talent of photography, I offer free NICU sessions.
  • Created a NICU Wall of Hope at the local hospital.
  • Do my little sisters hair for church and ended up looking like a hot mess myself because I used all my time to do their hair.
  • Collected preemie outfits and donated them to the local NICU.
  • Bought the person’s meal behind me in the drive thru!
  • Hold a lemonade stand and invite the local police and fire department for drinks on you!
  • We like to doorbell ditch a treat on neighbors porches just because.
  • Leave a Redbox code taped to the Redbox screen! You can pre buy them online!

We served dinner in the Ronald McDonald Family room at Primary Children’s Hospital so all inpatient families could have a free home cooked meal instead of hospital food.

  • We collected 42 children’s books and donated them to the CICU at Primary Children’s Hospital!
  • Helped a friend with her son’s court of honor program!
  • Donated blood at a local blood drive
  • Went camping with some friends and they brought me my favorite drink as a surprise!!!!
  • A couple of my girlfriends and I went shopping and when we were walking out of the mall we were able to give $15 to a guy who appeared to not have very much money
  • I watched my neighbor’s kids while their parents were going through a rough time
  • Went river rafting and a nice family shared their campfire with us as we waited for our shuttle
  • I saw a (nice looking) man help a older lady with her groceries
  • A new family in my neighborhood moved in and I helped them move in all weekend
  • I love to surprise friends with super market flowers. I keep tissue paper and ribbon in my car for anytime I am feeling spontaneous
  • I washed the dishes without being asked.
  • I folded my sister’s laundry.
  • I drove home from vacation so my sister could take a nap!
  • I helped my sister with a surprise.
  • I rubbed my sister’s back.
  • I woke up early to cook my husband breakfast in bed.
  • I let my sister use my phone charger.
  • I made dinner for my family.
  • I bought my little cousin an ice cream cone he was really excited for.
  • I gave my sister a hug.
  • I held a baby so that his mom could eat her food.
  • A family I know had recently lost their father to cancer. Having helped with photos before his passing. I used those images to make photo books for each of the children.
  • Took my friends out to ice cream and paid for them!!!
  • I take cookies to those who need a smile brought to their day.
  • My friend and her husband surprised me and showed up at my house and started weeding my island. She knew it was on my to do list for my son’s approaching wedding open house.
  • I bought a freal milkshake for my friend that got her wisdom teeth out from the Dentist in Belmont. And after that, I receive care from a dentist in Parramatta.
  • I put away a shopping cart
  • The people in front of us paid for our food at McDonald as we went thru the drive thru.
  • I paid for the car behind me at McDonalds.
  • Put my cousin to bed for his pregnant mama.
  • I gave my husband a back scratch without him asking!

I am so grateful for a sweet friend who dropped everything at a moments notice to help when I needed it the very most. She was an answer to my prayers and I will forever be grateful for her.

  • One of our brides donated her wedding flowers- the elderly patients at the hospital were so thankful- made their day!
  • One of our awesome photographer friends was sweet enough to bust out a corsage pin for a brides mom- that was going above and beyons when the magnet failed;)
  • I took dinner to a single sister in my ward today that I felt was going through a challenging time. We talked for hours and we both were strengthened. I am grateful I didn’t ignore the prompting to visit her.

You can participate this week by doing something kind for someone today and anonymously submitting it through this link and we will add it to our list:

July 9, 2018

Rachel Hudson

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