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Bride Tip • How To Make Your Groom Stand Out

Making Your Groom Stand Out

The purpose of bridesmaids and groomsmen in a wedding is to compliment the aesthetic appeal of the bride and groom. You could compare the wedding party to background dancers in music videos. Important supporting roles but you should NEVER confuse them with the lead stars. That same idea goes for the groom and his groomsmen. Make your groom stand out!

Brides have it easy. The iconic white wedding dress will ensure that everyone knows this is your day. But what about the groom? He is probably going to be up there next to 2-10 groomsmen, who generally all look the same. How can you ensure that he looks and feels like he is in a lead role? This “How to Make Your Groom Stand Out” guide has all of the tips and tricks you need to make sure there are no questions as to who that special guy is. The great news, you do NOT have to do them all! Pick and choose your favorites that represent your man’s style.

Looking at the picture below, can you tell which guy is the groom? If you don’t know the couple… you have no idea! All four men look fantastic but match from head to toe. Any one of them could have been the groom. Who was the star of this wedding day?

a photo of the groom not standing out from his groomsmen

Accessories that Set Apart

There are SO many different ways to coordinate your groom and groomsmen attire but have them different enough that your groom doesn’t blend in. I have photographed hundreds of weddings which have led me to create this guide – no one will even question who is the star of show on your wedding day.

1. Tie and Bowtie –

Do NOT have your groom matching his groomsmen in this area. Ever. You were going to spend the money on a tie for him anyways, so just buy him a different color! Having his own tie will make a statement. No one will be confusing him for just another back ground dancer. I have even seen the groom wearing a tie and his groomsmen in bow ties. I love this idea because it separates him from the crowd even more. As far as the groom wearing a bow tie, unless that 100% is his style, I wouldn’t recommend it. A bow tie can be really fun. But the day you say “I Do” is a special occasion, and a tie says that this is an important moment.

I absolutely loved photographing Ashlyn & Chris’s wedding. He did a wonderful job matching the groomsmen but still being unique. And my favorite way to tell who the groom was in this picture? Chris’s smile!! There were so many moments throughout the day when I heard his family exclaim that they had never seen Chris so happy. He had this ear to ear grin all day long. His cheeks had to have been sore by the end. Congrats Ashlyn and Chris!

Making your Groom STAND OUT

2. Boutonniere –

I. Love. Boutonnieres. They add that extra level of importance and proclaim that this is a special day. If you are having all of the guys wear boutonnieres… Make sure the grooms is the biggest and best! Add an extra flower or more pops of color in his. Another option is to only have the groom wear a boutonniere. Either way, you should be able to tell exactly who the groom is even if all you had to go on was their personal floral.

How to make a the groom's boutonniere better

3. Suit –

Um… yes. YES!! What a statement. Jake pulled off having a matching tie because he was able to separate himself by having a completely different pant and coat look. No one would even have to look twice trying to figure out who was the start of the show. I love this standing out technique. And on this warm August day, those groomsmen probably really appreciated not having to wear their own suit coats!

Really, I loved this entire wedding. I went home after Mckenzie and Jake’s wedding and just couldn’t stop feeling heart flutters. These two love birds spread their joy and happiness everywhere they go. And will be celebrating their two year anniversary this year ❥ a perfect wedding and a perfect marriage.
groom wedding style help recommendations

4. Suit Coat –

Randy is a stud. Seriously, I wish I had as much style as him and his <now wife> Laurel. The groomsmen had simple and fresh greenery for boutonnieres while Randy stood out with his white rose. The floors ties all coordinated perfectly, but once again the groom’s separated him from the pack. And to add a suit coat to top if off. He did a PERFECT job standing out.

And even more exciting, these two chose to get married in a PINK temple! Yes, pink. Randy and Laurel’s wedding was an absolute fairytale, down to the very last boutonniere.
How can I make my groom stand out?

5. Shoes –

Another stunning example of how to make the groom stand out. This wedding party compliments every aspect of the bride and groom. And what stood out to me were the SHOES. There aren’t a lot of other colors that match blue suit pants besides brown, but Bryce wanted to be different from his groomsmen. So, he chose a lighter shade in his dress shoe. This made all the difference in the overall look and statement he made as a star in the wedding. Bryce and Ciara could not be more wonderful together. I absolutely loved getting to be a part of their special day and photograph their perfectly coordinating shoes!! 👞 #ItsTheLittleThings
How to make the groom look different from his groomsmen

6. Vest and Suspenders –

Just throwing this out there… Summer weddings are HOT. And I don’t blame grooms for not wanting to wear a suit coat all day. The only thing they would remember about their wedding would be passing out part way through! But Jordan still wanted to get married in style. So he chose to rock a grey best and have his groomsmen wear matching grey suspenders! Could not have been better. Jordan and Amy’s wedding was an absolute dream and every detail described them to a T. The vest and suspenders were so stylish and complimented the bride and groom!

Bride Tip Making your Groom STAND OUT

7. Other Accessories –

The sky is the limit when it comes to coordinating different accessories with groomsmen. Cuff links, socks, lapels, pocket handkerchiefs, cummerbunds, and one of my personal favorites… Errick’s lieu! Here is the thing about accessorizing, make these little details describe the groom and his style. Errick and Shaelyn have a Polynesian heritage. And his lieu was the perfect way to set himself apart from his TEN groomsmen and bring in his own little touch, something that meant a lot to him. I have had my brides and grooms with socks, shoes, or inside of their wedding dressed with their deceased parents initials written inside. Bride who have their mother’s “something blue” passed down to them. Grooms that have worn their father’s wedding tie. Finding something with meaning and make it a part of your day.

Making your Groom STAND OUT Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

Making your Groom STAND OUT

I hope you found some great ideas that you can take and use in your own wedding! For more inspiration check out my Pinterest page || The Groom ||


March 1, 2017

Katelyn Taylor

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