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How to Manage All the Inquiries in all the Places

How to Manage Inquiries Easier

Tracking leads and conversions is often a weak spot for photographers.  After all, we just want to take pictures, right?  Thankfully Honeybook’s automated system makes managing inquiries a mindless chore.  Track where your referrals are coming from and save all of your inquiries in one place without even thinking about it.

How to Manage Inquiries Easier

Create a Contact Page on your Website

Every website needs an easy-to-use contact page.  The fewer steps a prospective client needs to complete to contact you, the higher chances they are of converting to a customer.  You can and should also create different contact pages for various services – this makes the customer more likely to contact you directly for that service.

Embed your Honeybook Contact Form

Create customizable contact forms in Honeybook.  In the main menu under “Tools,” you’ll find an option called Contact Form.  Here you can create a completely customizable contact form in Honeybook. 

Determine which fields you’d like to collect, including dates, locations, party size, etc.  You can then customize the color scheme and font for your contact form.  Finally, when you go to “Add to Website,” you’ll be provided with the embed code to paste into your contact page.

You can create different contact forms for various services, where you’ll likely want to collect different information for each one.

Send All Inquiries Through the Contact Form

From here on out all communications can be through Honeybook’s email system if you’d like.  Once a prospective client’s email address is captured, it will be in the system, and you will have that data until you delete it. 

An added benefit of doing this is that all communications will now be in that client’s file in Honeybook for easy archiving and reference.

All Inquiries will Create Leads and a Pipeline

All interactions with your contact form will create a lead in Honeybook’s system.  You can automatically store their contact information and where that lead came from for future reporting.

Depending on how you have your Honeybook set up, you can have this inquiry automatically create a project pipeline.  You can choose to automatically start a workflow for this lead once they send you their information, or set reminders for yourself to do it manually. 

Why it’s So Amazing to Have All Leads in One Place

Photographers have enough on their plate already.  Being organized to have everything in Honeybook will make your business management much more efficient.  You can accomplish most business-related tasks in one location, rather than having to go from one service to the next to manage projects.  Being able to analyze and administer all of your leads in Honeybook will ultimately aid you in your business success.

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July 11, 2019

Kylee Maughan

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