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My Spontaneous Trip to Las Vegas | WPPI 2014

Every year there is a HUGE photography convention in Las Vegas called WPPI. A few months ago I set up a trip with some local photog friends. I started getting so anxious leaving Brody so I backed out after I bought my WPPI Conference Pass. By Saturday I was FULL of regret as I scrolled through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and saw ALL my FAVE photographers on their way to WPPI. I knew I could find education online, in books or through local workshops but the chance to meet my photog idols is rare. I could hardly stand it. I began figuring out rides and my plans kept falling through. I decided yes then no then yes then no all weekend. I woke up Monday thinking no but by 11 AM I decided that it was now or never.

A few hours later I was boarding a plane on my spontaneous trip to Las Vegas. The hardest part was leaving Brody. I cried. He cried. But we survived and theirs a first time for everything right? I had such an amazing trip and loved every second! When I got there I met up with a brand new friend of just a few weeks. Amber offered me a spot in her and Sara’s room. Everything fell perfectly into place.



On Tuesday morning, Katelyn James and her husband Michael were eating crepes at the table next to me with Matt Kennedy and his wife Carissa and friend Taliah. These two businesses are some I have followed and looked up to for over a year. I finished my crepes and decided to be brave and approach them. I briefly told Matt and Carissa how much I loved their new promo video and Katelyn how much I loved her Instagram feed. They noticed I was sitting alone and invited me to sit with them!! I sat down with them for around 45 minutes and they were soo friendly, inclusive and made my entire week!! When I saw them later in the day they picked up the conversation and totally remembered me. I can’t even say how much it meant to me.

kylee-ann-photography-wppi-201415 copy

I had the BEST roomies. EVER. From the moment I they took me to the Encore beach club, I completely connected to these ladies. We danced for hours every night, laughed all night long and really shared a lot about our lives with each other. It reminded me of Girl’s Camp or Leadership Conferences from high school. So much bonding. I needed a girl’s week! We decided to take a picture at 12:30 am on our last night together!


We stayed in MGM Signature Tours at the very top in a penthouse. It was so close to the conference, comfortable, clean and served some great midnight room service!kylee-ann-photography-wppi-201419

I met and learned from Trevor Dayley & Elizabeth Messina, shook hands and was introduced to CL Kenna Klosterman and CL Susan Roderick and said hi to Sue Bryce!

I went to a delicious make-your-own pizza restaurant called Project Pie. When my waitress brought my pizza she let me know that their standard pizzas are a perfect circle and mine was a little smooched on the side so they were making me an entire new pizza free of charge. Uhh what? Heck yeah!

It was 70+ degrees all week! kylee-ann-photography-wppi-201413

I got to test the brand new Sigma 50 f/1.4 A lens on a Mark iii. Ahhhh! Perfection. I cannot wait until the release date.

I won Tribes by Seth Godin, a $100 Pass Credit and a sample packaging kit from Taps.

On the last night, Amber, Frank and I decided to take our cameras out on the town. We had so much fun with our person tour guide, Frank through Bellagio and all the way down the strip. We laughed, posed, shot pictures, held onto each other jackets for protection and goofed off. It was SO fun and we got some really awesome pictures!


March 7, 2014

Kylee Maughan

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