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Bride Tip • Logan Florists

Logan Florists

Flowers in weddings are like the icing on a cake. They add flavor, beauty, and color. Those dull spaces suddenly fill with character and personality! Flowers breathe life into decor. But if this is your first time shopping for wedding floral, it can be difficult deciding which florist is the best fit for YOU. This Logan Florist Guide is designed to make every bride’s like easier. Complete with the top Logan florists and their address, pictures, and my personal experiences. Designed to make your florist shopping, easy!

Top 6 Logan Florists:

Freckle Farm

It’s no secret that Freckle Farm has my heart. Is any wedding vendor list complete without them? Not only do they have THEE most incredible green house and floral shop (which make for gorgeous engagement pictures), but they have created some of the most beautiful arrangements I have ever seen throughout all of my years in the wedding industry. From bridal bouquets to floral crowns, they can do just about anything with a flower!

Freckle Farm is located in Hyde Park at 3915 N Highway 91. Seth Bowen is the amazing owner of this company. I shot the Bowen’s family pictures in November and if he treats his business anything like his family, you will be in great hands! Freckly Farm is the best floral shop to work with. I highly recommend booking your wedding floral them.

Dahlia Event Planning & Floral Design

Dahlia’s is the BEST. Whenever I am with my brides and Dahlia’s Floral Design comes up I hear “Oh I looooove Terri” and “Arlette is the BEST!” They are just those people that are known and loved by all. You may think you are signing up for flower arrangements, but you will also be getting a life long friend. There is not better customer service anywhere.

Dahlia Event Planning & Floral Design is located inside First and Third Market 320 N 100 E, Logan, UT . I have never seen a bouquet of theirs that I didn’t love. But my bride Jessie’s…. 😍  hit my top 3 list at least. The maroon, red and pink flowers surrounded by fresh greenery. They do an incredible job. I love Dahlias!

Dahlias Event Planning Flowers

Dahlias Flowers Logan

Lee’s Corner Floral

If you are looking for the best deal, Lee’s is your place. They have incredible arrangements that can fit into every bride’s budget. Every one of my Kylee Ann brides who have used them tell me they wouldn’t change a thing. Gorgeous bouquets. Very Photogenic. They get my recommendation!

Lee’s Corner Floral is located at 555 E. 1400 N. #100 right here in Logan. They have very friendly customer service. Shari has been the owner for years, and she makes sure every little detail in all of the arrangements are perfect. Lee’s is a great option for your wedding floral!

Sego Floral

Unlike the other florals in this guide, Sego does not have a store front. They work out of their personal studio and deliver! Even though you can’t go for a visit, they do free consultations and Sego Floral has the vision! After just a few minutes of questions they take your dream bouquet that was in your head and create a masterpiece. Sego does an excellent job.

I have collaborated with Sego Floral many times on my own styled shoots as well as photographing their work on my Kylee Ann brides. In both scenarios that have been professional, friendly, and overall great to work with. You should definitely give them a call!

Plant Peddler Floral

Plant Peddler has style. From flower crowns to the grandest bouquets, I have never seen their work and not instantly fallen in love. Two years ago my Kylee Ann bride, Kenz, ordered a red floral crown and bouquet. There was a little mix up and that morning she received a red rose crown with a clashing bright magenta arrangement! It was every bride’s nightmare come to life, and I thought it was a bust. But Plant Peddler worked so quickly and efficiently. Kenz had the right floral in no time and was able to have her dream bouquet for her special day. It showed me that even when the worst scenario happens, Plant Peddler is the kind of floral shop that always has other flowers available and will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Plant Peddler Floral is located here in Logan at 1213 N Main St. Every one of my brides who have used them, say they would again! Yes, even Kenz 😉 They are a great vendor to have on your team!

Plant Peddler Flowers Logan

Flower Shoppe

The Flower Shoppe has been around for more than 25 years. They serve Logan and surrounding areas well, and I have always heard great things about them. Personally, only one of my brides have ever worked with the Shoppe and I saw one other arrangement of theirs at my dear friend Kristy’s home shown below. And goodness. I am crazy about it!

The Flower Shopped is located right here in downtown Logan at 202 S Main St. Well known and well loved by the people of Logan. And I think I am sending my hubby there so I can have Kristy’s flowers remade for my table this Valentine’s!

logan florists

 I Fiori

I always remember my I Fiori experience because it was the time I got to shoot the sweetest Temple Elopement ever ❥ You can read the whole story about Jeff and Amanda’s elopement hereThe owner and artist behind this amazing bouquet is Elise Reeder. She is a mama to three littles as well as a talented florist in Cache Valley for the past 2 years! Amanda just had to have Elise’s floral part of her special day, so we drove the floral almost two hours away to her wedding destination spot! And you can see why. The overhanging greenery just melts my heart. I couldn’t think of a better way to bring add some fresh beauty into this perfect temple elopement.

You can find I Fiori on Instagram at @i_fiori – Elise is so great to work with! Wedding floral will be a simple and fun experience with her.

salt lake city florists 

My Next Recommendations:

Every Bloomin Thing

My kids love Every Bloooooomin Thing because they like to have “who can say the oooooo’s” the longest contest! And I am pretty crazy about them too. They have been a part of a couple of my weddings, and their customer service has definitely impressed me! Weddings aren’t their only specialty, they also carry self arrangements and fruit baskets. Always lovely work. Every Bloomin Thing is just north of us in Smithfield at 98 N Main St. A great floral option!

every bloomin thing

Gypsyrose Floral Boutique

Gypsyrose is such a fun floral shop! I had the pleasure of working with them at the beginning of Kylee Ann Photography quite a few times. So peppy and fun to be around! They specialize in big flowers and crazy colors but can make just about anything you dream of. Gypsyrose Floral Boutique is located in Providence at 517 W 100 N. I’ve missed working with Gypsyrose! They have mad skills.

gypsy rose floral




Costco Bulk Wholesale

And last, but certainly not least on my floral list is COSTCO! They have gorgeous flowers that cost half as much and I swear last twice as long. You will have to do most arranging of the floral yourself… but what a fun bridesmaids activity that will help all of your girlfriends really feel involved in your wedding. For this and other money saving tips read my Budget Saving Hacks blog here!


Logan truly is blessed to have so many wonderful florists available. Set a flower budget using our Budget Calculation Spreadsheet then choose your 2-3 favorites from this list. Sit down and talk with each of them about the vision you have for your wedding floral and see who is the best fit for you. This icing on your cake is going to bring the entire day together!


February 13, 2017

Katelyn Taylor

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