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Modern, Fun Jewelry Photography | Joy Made Collective

Modern, Fun Jewelry Photography | Joy Made Collective

Alyssa of Joy Made Collective just celebrated her one year anniversary in business! She has worked so hard to create a fun and joy filled brand. When her questionnaire came through and she wasn’t entirely sure what direction to take her imagery, I had a vision! Bright, on brand colors in pinks, whites, and tans with our gorgeous models on simple colored backdrops. It came together seamlessly to create a gallery of modern, fun jewelry photography.

Modern, Fun Jewelry Photography Modern, Fun Jewelry Photography Modern, Fun Jewelry Photography

Alyssa sent me this as soon as she opened the gallery:

“thank you thank you thank you! I’m literally sitting here in tears of awe. These pictures look like they should be in a magazine. I didn’t know what to envision, I just trusted that you all would see it through and I’m just speechless. These are absolutely perfect! Launching my rebrand with these beauties to kick everything off means the absolute world to me. Literally everything about them is perfect.”

So even though Alyssa wasn’t sure what she wanted, we were able to deliver a gallery that showed off her product wonderfully! We love helping you find a vision if you aren’t sure what direction you want to go.

Modern, Fun Jewelry Photography


I knew joy was a huge component of Joy Made Collective, so we had lots of fun with models smiling and laughing! We did lots of hair play-behind the ear tucks, pretend hair washing, all the good things. We played fun music and just had a blast! And we all oohed and ahhed over every single set of earrings. They were all so cool!

Having on brand colors for the colored backdrops for the lifestyles and flat lays kept everything cohesive. I was able to pull in some fun elements for the flat lays too! Like iridescent streamers! Overall I wanted the stars of the show to just be earrings though. Adding too much felt like I was taking away from her beautiful product!

Modern, Fun Jewelry Photography Modern, Fun Jewelry Photography

September 8, 2021

Mandi Christensen

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