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Planning your engagement session | Megan & Porter Engagements

If you are reading this, you might be an engaged couple deciding on your wedding or engagement photographer! We LOVE taking engagement photos at Kylee Ann Studios & I have a few tips on planning your engagement session!! It is the perfect time to get to know our clients before their wedding day. We love seeing how you and your partner work together and the relationship dynamics which will help things go more smoothly and less awkward on the wedding day if we have never met!

Planning your engagement session

I am going to share three tips for helping your wedding photos turn out fabulous!

  1. Work with your photographer to plan the perfect time of day for your shoot

Planning your engagement session around the sun is probably some of our best advice! WE LOVE shooting in the beautiful evening light! You will not regret trusting your photographer on the time of day to take your pictures.

  1. Use the same photographer for your wedding and engagement session

Like I said above, this is a perfect opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer ahead of your wedding day! You can get to know each other a bit better and figure out how your photographer works and how your personality meshes with your photographer! Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer lots of questions to make sure you’re the perfect fit! They are professionals in this area and can help answer your questions.

  1. Plan a date or something fun since you’ll be all dressed up

Set the mood for your photoshoot! There is nothing worse than getting in a little argument right before your pictures as you rush out the door! Plan a fun and relaxing day on the day of your shoot. Get brunch together, get pampered together or even get professional hair and make up!  It’ll be so fun to go out on a date after you shoot since you will be all dressed up! Take advantage of those dates before you’re a married couple and real life sets in!

Planning your engagement session

I will be coming back with more engagement photo tips for ya, so stay tuned! We will talk about how to plan your outfits, choosing a location and where to print your photos!

May 30, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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