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Rachel’s Big News | End of 2020 Update — Boyfriend and House!

Rachel’s Big News

Drumroll please for Rachel’s big news! This is going to be a little bit of a long story, hence making a full blog post out of it. And if you are here, it means you are someone who has put extra effort into seeing what’s going on in my life. So I want to make sure your time is worth it! 😂

If you’ve been around me for longer than 2 seconds you KNOW I LOVE connections. Heavenly Father knows I love them too apparently. Here’s the story!!

The Set Up…2018

In Spring 2018, Kylee Ann told me her past bride Stephanie, had messaged her and thought that I should go on a blind date with her younger brother. Kylee had photographed Stephanie’s AND her older sister Michelle’s weddings.  Their younger brother’s name was Jordan.

I get told about blind dates about 5 times a month and they rarely ever happen. People are super kind to think of me but if the boy doesn’t take the idea over, it never happens.   

Around that same time in 2018, my mom called me and told me that she had talked to my dad’s best friend from college who lives in Alaska. I guess he had a nephew living in Logan about my same age. He wanted to set me up on a date with him. His name was Jordan. 

I thought it was a little bit hilarious that two people wanted to set me up with two different guys with the same name. Like what are the odds??

Well with some quick Facebook stalking I soon realized that it wasn’t two boys name Jordan, it was the SAME boy. I’ve known his uncle my whole life and I sorta knew his familiy because Stephanie and his mom owned the Sister Shop here in Logan that opened when the mission age changed for girls! I totally shopped there! 

Wowza. How is that for connections?!

(P.S. Click here to see Stephanie’s wedding! Here is Michelle’s! )

Our very first date…2018

I hit busy wedding season and didn’t think much about it. I guess until I got a text from Jordan at the end of the summer in 2018. Somehow that stars aligned that I actually responded to him asking me on a date. It was a miracle though becayse one of the responses back took me 5 DAYS! I am not proud of it but with weddings and travel, that was a miracle that I remembered!! Hahaha

We went on a fishing date later that month. He had an evening work schedule and so did I, so it was a morning date! I don’t date a ton so I had no idea what constituted a “good” first date but I thought we got along well. We talked a lot about Dave Ramsey who we both liked. He picked me up, took me to a farm field for a few hours, I caught a big fish and then he took me home.

Andddd then neither of us texted each other again! 😂😂 I chalk it up to both being very shy and also both of us headed into hunting season. That Fall I was basically completely out of service while being in the mountains with my dad, and he was the same!

Our first date…again..2020

Fast forward TWO YEARS to this past August 2020, when I was on Mutual and came across him for the first time since then. I swiped up but still had his number from two years past so I felt like I shouldn’t depend on the Mutual algorithm to help us, and just texted him directly! I basically asked if he remembered me and would be interested in going out again.

Luckily I didn’t make a fool out of myself and he remembered me.  I asked him on a date for the beginning of August. I picked him up and gave him three envelopes. He picked the one that told us to go get French fries and head to a park. I picked Fizz & Fries garlic fries with ranch and he picked Center Street Grill sweet potato fries. I knew it was going to be a good match after that choice. 😂😂 I love sweet potato fries. (Going to share these envelope date ideas on Instagram soon!)

He picked a park that I would have never thought of. It was pretty much dark when we got there but we caught the end of the sunset. I was prepared with blankets and jackets in my car and pulled up a list of questions I had from a past Institute class. I basically grilled him the entire night. 😂😂

But he was a good sport about it and I felt like both of us were open and interested in seeing more about each other even though 2 years had passed. 

We started going on consistent dates all September. I was still in busy season with family portaits and he just started a new semester and job. But we made it work and traded asking each other on dates. There were lots of nights I would get back to Logan after dark and after my shoots and he would have dinner ready for me. 💕

Towards the end of the month, I met his family, he met my sisters and we went to see the salmon at the end of town. Soon after he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes! This whole time I had known him, I had talked about being in the market for a home. The next day we drove by an area of town that wasn’t on my radar to buy a home and said “I should look up here for a house.”

The very next morning I got a text from him with a one-hour old listing of a home. It was in the exact area we had driven by the night before. I started clicking though the pictures and liked it more than anything I had seen. I picked him up for a showing a few hours later, then put an offer on it that evening!! TWO DAYS INTO DATING. How is that for a whirlwind week? Hahaha 

I put an offer in on a house two days into dating…

I moved into the house less than 27 days later. We’ve been dating around 3-4 months. It’s crazy how compatible that our brains are. He’s a Cache Valley boy finishing up his degree in MIS at USU (send him all the job referrals 😜). We are both 28. His family grew up hunting and fishing just like mine did. His uncle lived in the apartment below me and my parents when I was born in Alaska and still lives there. Jordan also loves Montana and Alaska as much as I do. We both have the same sense of humor and line up on the big stuff which I’ve found is huge for me. We both listen to Dave Ramsey all the time… I think that’s the reason his sister thought we would be a good fit after he aggressively paid off his truck around the time of our first first date! 👏🏻👏🏻

I write about my couples’ stories on the blog all the time so it’s a little surreal writing about mine! If you’ve seen me in person in the last few months, I have told everyone about my boyfriend but finally getting around to sharing it with everyone I don’t always get to see!!

So….do you have any questions?! 😆

For someone like me who has interviewed 300 couples about early dating, it was still pretty hard for me to know how to navigate those early weeks and beyond. But it’s been so fun learning and growing! Now I just need to convince this boy into letting me take more photos of us hahaha!

Rachel's Big News

Thanks to these ladies for setting me up with their brother!! Rachel's Big NewsRachel's Big NewsRachel's Big News

December 22, 2020

Rachel Hudson

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