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San Diego Beach Photographer

As a San Diego Beach Photographer, I get to shoot a lot of families visiting from out of town. It is my favorite part of the job! Planning a family photo shoot on the beach is a lot different than planning a water day at the beach! Sometimes we have high expectations for perfectionism, but there is no room for that at the beach! Here are a few tips to help your San Diego beach family pictures run smoothly.

San Diego Beach Photographer

Expect to get Sandy!

No matter how hard parents try to avoid it, their kiddos are going to want to pick up that sand and rub it between their hands! This is especially true for first-time beach goers! DON’T PANIC! Sand doesn’t show up on skin and clothes in pictures, and even if it does on an up close shot, the memories are totally worth it! Some of my clients favorite pictures are babies eating sand, or toddlers sifting streams of it between their hands.

San Diego Beach Photographer

Expect to get wet!

Some of my favorite beach shots happen when the tide goes out and we can capture crisp reflections on the water! In other words, the closer to the water, the better light! Sometimes that means the waves might catch up and get the bottom of your pants or dress wet. Don’t WORRY! You’re at the beach, it’s natural to look a little damp as you’re walking along the water, but I promise to keep you as dry as possible!

San Diego Beach Photographer

Expect to be wind blown!

A consequence of shooting on the coast is that cool ocean breeze!! Clothing and hair will blow! Don’t Fret! A little beach wind through the hair looks beautiful, especially when the backlit sun illuminates those locks. Although I will do my best to keep those pesky hairs out of your face, your job is to focus on smiling and enjoying the moment with your family! It is completely natural for hair to blow in the wind!

In conclusion, let go of all expectations and trust your San Diego beach photographer!

San Diego Beach Photographer

October 31, 2022

Shelby Preston

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