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San Diego Product Photographer | Lucky Panda Kids

San Diego Product Photographer | Lucky Panda Kids
I’m Shelby, and I am a San Diego Product Photographer for small brands. I am honored to work with brands from all over the world on the beach, in our local studios and in my apartment. I specialize in product photography – both flat lay product only and lifestyle. I love showing your product in all the real life ways your client will love.
This brand, Lucky Pandas, is right here in San Diego! Most of my brands ship their product to me, but it’s so nice to go right down the street to pick it up. No matter where you live or what you sell, brand photography is so so important.

Showcase Your Products with Good Photos

When customers are shopping online, the first thing they see is a product image. Product photos are critical for making sure your potential customers understand what you’re selling, and that it looks as good in real life as it does on your website. Good product photos not only help to inform customers, but also create an emotional connection between them and your business. Read on to learn why good product photos are essential for any successful business.
San Diego Product Photographer San Diego Product Photographer

Product Photography Makes Your Products Look Professional

Good photography is the key to making your products stand out from the competition. Professional product photography conveys a sense of value and trustworthiness to potential customers who may not be familiar with your brand. It tells them that you take pride in creating high quality products, and that you care about how they look on your website—which means they can trust that the same attention has been paid to the actual product.
San Diego Product Photographer

Good Product Photos Sell More Products

High-quality images of your products can have a huge impact on sales. Studies have shown that more than half of online shoppers consider product images to be more important than product descriptions when making purchase decisions. If a customer sees a poorly lit or blurry image of a product, their perception will be that the item itself is low quality or unappealing—even if it isn’t true! On the other hand, if you invest in professional photography for your products, customers will get an accurate idea of what it looks like before committing to buying it. This makes them more likely to make a purchase because they know exactly what to expect from their purchase decision.
San Diego Product Photographer

Good Product Photos Create Brand Loyalty

Product images also play an important role in building brand loyalty over time. They allow customers to familiarize themselves with your brand and get comfortable with its style and aesthetic before committing to buying something from you again in the future. The better the photo quality, the more likely people will remember those visuals down the line and come back looking for more of what you have to offer!
San Diego Product Photographer
Product photos are essential for any successful business – especially those selling physical goods online! Not only do good photos help inform customers about what they’re buying, but they also create an emotional connection between them and your business that can lead to increased sales and long-term brand loyalty. Investing in professional photography will pay dividends in terms of increased visibility, customer satisfaction, and overall success!

January 6, 2023

Kylee Maughan

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