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Wellsville Fall Mini Session


This year’s Wellsville Fall mini session was a huge success. I was able to get several beautiful families done in a short period of time and all the pictures turned out great. The weather cooperated, the lighting was great, and it was easy breezy. It makes me realize how blessed I am to have had so many years of experience. What once took hours of self learning, lots of errors, and concentration is now second nature to me.

Flashback Friday

The first family pictures I ever took were in Washington. I think I charged 20$ for an hour session in exchange for hundreds of photos. I carefully edited every picture manually and it must have taken hours. That’s not to mention the rainy horrible weather I had to put up with, as well as awkwardly having to trespass on people’s property for good locations. It wasn’t as easy as my Wellsville fall mini session. I didn’t know of any great locations that weren’t just on the side of the road in someone’s backyard.

I think that sometimes it’s easy to take for granted how readily talents and abilities and skills are at our fingertips. For me, it took years of trial and error. I had to learn how to work a camera. Every feature. How to edit. Posing families naturally takes practice. Eventually I had to learn to grow a business. And how to build an associate team…. There’s so much involved.

It’s easy for people to judge professions like photography. From the outside, it may seem like so little effort for such a huge payoff. But it is NOT that easy. For YEARS, I worked long hours every day to get to where I am today. Still, I work extremely hard. I take pride in the quality of my pictures. Thousands of dollars are spent each ear in equipment, continuing education, software and more. And I’m proud of what I’ve become, all the skills I have obtained through self learning and practice, and where photography’s taken me.


November 3, 2020

Kylee Maughan

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