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Wellsville Mountain Family Pictures | Tips for Family Pictures with Rachel

Wellsville Mountain Family Pictures

Merrell Family

You will love these Wellsville Mountain Family Pictures ! The Merrell family was absolutely adorable! It was a warm summer day when we took these pictures. People are visiting from out of town so is the perfect chance to gather for family pictures. I am so impressed how well the kids did it was really warm outside.

Wellsville Mountain Family Pictures Wellsville Mountain Family Pictures

Tips for family pictures:

  1. Make sure all the kids eat before pictures. While you’re at it make sure the adults eat before pictures to. The less hungry everyone is the better people will act.
  2. Make sure to pick outfits and set them out the day before. The last thing you want us to be doing laundry the morning of family pictures day.
  3. Bonus tip! If you have kids that get messy easily, get to the Photo spot early and get them dressed in the car at the spot. I see clients do this all the time and I think it’s genius.
  4. Find pictures in advance. Especially if you have a big group. Get it on the calendar so everyone can plan on it and not schedule something accidentally.
  5. pick a location that is meaningful to you. If you have a family farm or a place that is meaningful to your family history, it would be so fun to get pictures there. I love this location because it’s green, has a fence, and even has the river in the background.
  6. Pick outfits with a color scheme that matches the decor in your home! You will be able to print them out and hang them and know that everything will match!! I would suggest to plan to frame your images. Canvases are hard to store, and if you replace them every year, you can just put the new prints into the same frame!

Wellsville Mountain Family Pictures

Wellsville Mountain Family Pictures | Tips for Family Pictures with Rachel


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December 20, 2021

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