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Meet Kylee

Winter Engagements | Anne and Ben Engagements

Long Time Friend

I met Anne almost 7 years ago!!! Back when I needed models for a project I was working on at Utah State, she and her friends came to my rescue. I created a huge poster photo collage that was hung up in a huge window on a large building. Anne has become a photographer as well and has been at my second shooter at many weddings. I have also photographed multiple of her family members. To say that she has a special spot in my heart is an understatement. I can’t wait to see her as a bride!

Winter Engagements

Anne moved away for a couple years but then came back to Utah. Her first week using social media dating sites was a success. She met Ben and after a few days of chatting they went on a Sunday night walk. Things went so well that they met up almost every single night that week. It wasn’t very long before they realized that they were interested in each other as longtime partners in life. He proposed to her when they went on a nice lunch and she had no idea it was coming.

Winter Engagements

It was so fun having in behind the other side of the camera or I could photograph her. She is so stunning and happy in love with Ben. He is so nurturing and loving towards her. We went to Farmington Station for some romantic photos with a little less of a wintery season!! And then we embraced the stunning winter landscape at Tunnel Springs! They killed it on their outfits!! I’m so excited to share these snowy winter engagements with you. Congrats you too!

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January 27, 2020

Rachel Hudson

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