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100 + Things We Love about Kylee Ann!!!

Hi, it’s Rachel here! Kylee Ann is turning the big 24 today! Kylee is the reason why Kylee Ann Photography is a thriving business, servicing amazing brides and grooms and family clients with kindness and service. She tirelessly gives and gives of her time and talents to make other people feel good, and I wanted to try to pay her back in a small way. With help from her family, friends and clients, I’ve compiled 100+ reasons why we love Kylee Ann!! Thanks to everyone who contributed!! If you would like to contribute, please comment on the bottom of the post!! WE LOVE YOU KYLEE!!

100 + Things We Love about Kylee Ann!!!

 My favorite memory with Kylee is watching the bachelor while she folded laundry! I love that we can doing normal things together like that and have the best time! haha A close second is her “grand entrance” on the dance floor! I love that Kylee has the biggest heart. She is always so willing to jump in and serve. I wouldn’t have any of those fun memories from my bday if it weren’t for her! She is always there to bounce ideas off with and to be a listening ear. I am so grateful for our friendship!
Brit Cascio
I love that Kylee is so kind. She is one of those rare people that make you feel better about yourself by just being around her. It’s hard to find those people and harder to be one of those people!I love how helpful she is. I love what a fun mom she is to her kids. My favorite memory with her was when I rode up to tony grove with her. It’s not a secret that I like to talk. I seriously could talk to Kylee all day. It was so much fun and MUCH needed adult time away from my kids. And to watch the great Kylee Ann take pictures? I was in heaven. I’m grateful that Kylee is such a wonderful friend. And all my talking hasn’t scared off. I always thought photographers didn’t help each other and it was a man eat man sort of profession but she has shown me how being loving and helpful to others only makes you a better business. Knowing Kylee has made me a better person and a better photographer. I’m truly so grateful to call her my friend. And that our kids get along so good so we have more reason to hang out! Happy birthday Kylee!!
Heather Palmer
I love Kylee because she is so willing to help and teach. I love that Kylee and I share a mutual love for Mobettas. I love that Kylee is so real about everyting in her life- even the hard stuff. I’m love that Kylee thinks of everyone before herself- even when she really shouldn’t. I am so thankful that she likes the bachleor as much as I do so because I don’t have cable. I love that I feel so at home in Kylees home because she is so welcoming and hospitable. I love that Kylee thinks of EVERYTHING – I think its hilarious that she buys everything from china. I need to learn those skills. I love that she is always smiling!
Maci Bingham
Kylee Ann Photography Logan Utah Photographer_0221
I love how caring Kylee is to everyone–clients, friends, family.
Holly Hudson
I love Kylee because she knows how to make everyone feel individually valued. I love that Kylee welcomed me in as a friend the moment I met her. I love that Kylee is real. Those who know her/follow her can see who she is and what she stands for. I love that Kylee is always putting other people first. I love that even though I’ve only spent a short amount of time with her I feel like I have a forever friend in her.
Allae McKee
I’m thank for meeting Kylee because even though we’ve only interacted at the sleepover in person, I feel like she’s a good friend.  I love that I can message her pretty much about anything and shes always willing to listen. I looooove that’s she’s willing to share her photography knowledge with us newbies and is willing to help us grow.
Stephanie Lorraine
I love how Kylee is so kind and friendly to me all the time. She has such a sweet personality. I appreciate how giving she is and I just love my pictures she took of me and my boys. I always love her cute hair. I’m so lucky she taught my little boy in primary. He just loved it.
Kelli Rich
I love that kylee is so supportive to others. Kylee rocks at the business side of photography. Even though I don’t know Kylee, I feel like I know her. :) I love that kylee treats Rachel like the amazing person that she is.
Stacey Marble
Kylee Ann Photography_0992
Kylee has a positive attitude. Nothing gets her down!
Kylee is a very sympathetic person. I know, no matter how trivial, embarrassing, or important the situation is, she’ll give me honest feedback!! My favorite thing about Kylee is that she has captured some of my favorite memories through her AMAZING photography. I will always be indebted to her for that.
Rachel Maughan
Reasons I love Kylee: Kylee is a strong, independent woman! I love Kylee because she is almost like a mom away from mom in the sense that she cares about the way people feel and will do anything to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and happy. Every time I am in her home I feel welcomed. I love that Kylee’s heart is so warm that it radiates outward and makes people feel good. When Kylee became a mom for the first time, it was amazing to see how much she fit the role. I love how she cares so much for her children and sacrifices so much for them. I’ve loved watching her nurture and raise them because she truly magnifies the character of Christ as she fulfills her role as a mum. I love that Kylee is confident in who she is as a daughter of God. She doesn’t ever waver in her righteous decisions. She has conviction in what she believes and forms her testimony and opinions based on the teachings of Christ and personal experiences. I love hearing her testimony of how the gospel has blessed her little family! Something I appreciate about Kylee is how she recognizes the hand of the Lord in her life, always!
Brooklyn Falter
IMG_7974 IMG_7975
I love that Kylee is such a sweet and loving person.  I admire Kylee for always being willing to give to others. I adore Kylee for being just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  I am thankful for Kylee’s friendship. I am inspired by Kylee’s hard work and strength.
Amber Lindhart
I love that Kylee is so willing to share her wisdom with anyone that will listen! Kylee has so much LOVE for everyone around her. Her attitude of gratitude is so contagious and I love to be around her because of that. Kylee’s super mom-boss powers inspire me that it CAN be done! hahahaha
Tiffany Johnson
Kylee Ann Photography Kauai Hawaii Photographer10
I love my mom because she has a new van.
I love my mom because I just love her.
My favorite thing about my mom is that I love her.
I love that she plays with me.
I love that she takes me to see the crocodiles and animals at the zoo.
Brody Maughan
Katelyn asked Piper: ” Do you love your mom?” Piper: “no”
Kylee is the best mother in the world. She’s always thinking about her family and doing things for her family. Everything she posts on social media, and everything she talks about or takes pictures of is generally focused on her family or other families. Kylee is incredibly smart. She’s always figuring things out. There’s no education like self-education and Kylee never stop learning. She’s always pushing yourself to gain new knowledge and skills to apply to her work and life. Kylee is a very thoughtful and kind of daughter. She’s always concerned for me and the rest of her family. She checks up on us and praise for us and thinks about us all the time. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter.
Daren Falter

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Kylee is such a devoted wife and mother. She continually serves and sacrifices for them. Some words to describe Kylee: kind, faithful, hard worker, integrity, entrepreneur, generous, organized, compassionate, and loving. One of my favorite memories with Kylee and Lauren was their freshman year at USU. I enjoyed coming to Utah to spend time with them. We went to a USU game together, shopped, and ate Aggie ice cream. I loved watching them spread their wings and become amazing women. I love how much they love and support each other in the ups and downs of life. I love how Kylee has kept some of our family traditions with her little family and I love watching her make new traditions. I think the most memorable experience I have had with Kylee was watching her as she became a Mom for the first time.
Sandy Falter
 I love that I can call Kylee anytime of day and talk about nothing. I love that I can tell Kylee anything. I am so thankful that I grew up with Kylee as my best friend forever.
Lauren Pace
I love Kylee because she has cute kids.
I love Kylee because she’s my sister.
I love Kylee because despite being a mom of 2, she’s still hip and happening.
I love that Kylee is persistent. She’ll try things over and over  even if she fails. (Like settlers)…
I love Kylee because she’s always got the best ideas. I don’t need to check Pinterest, I can just call her.
I am thankful that Kylee is always willing to help someone in need.
Austin Falter
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I look up to Kylee in so many ways. The first time that I met her, I knew why she does so well with her business and why everyone likes her. She is nice to everyone she comes in contact with. She is very organized with her business and schedule. I love that I can show up to a shoot with no ideas and she always makes them amazing. I love her idea of community over competition. She is an all around good lady, and I am very thankful for our friendship.
Audrey Thompson
I love that Kylee is so caring, yet so laid back! It makes my job so fun. I love Kylee’s love for life. It’s so dang contagious. I love that Kylee is so generous. I love Kylee because she is real and genuine 100% of the time I’m thankful for Kylee for always being so understanding. I’m thankful for Kylee because she sets a perfect example of a wife, mother, business owner, etc, not only for me, but to all the young girls who look up to her.
Katelyn Moser
Kylee Ann Photography_0933
1. I love Kylee because she treats everyone like they are a son or daughter of God. 2. Kylee is one of those people that is al aye smiling even when she had a trillion things to do. 3. My favorite thing about her is that she genuinely knows how to make everyone feel really special and unique. 4. Kylee is not ashamed that f who she is, and she lets the world know what keeps her motivated. She is someone that really tries to emulate the Savior.
Cassie Beecher
I love how she shakes it to my record every day in her kitchen.
Taylor Swift
Kylee Ann Photography Logan Utah Photographer_0130
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Kylee is so inclusive! There is always room at her table. Not only is she crazy talented, but she inspires and helps others to realize their potential as well. Kylee embodies Christlike service. There is so much she quietly does to serve those around her. I’m thankful for Kylee’s example of determination and hard work. She relentlessly pursues her and her families dreams.
Mandi Christensen
I love Kylee because whenever we are together we always have so much fun. We can talk for hours and the conversation just keeps going. She has done so much for me as a friend. She is truly talented and shares her talents with people. She is kind and sweet. She gave me the most beautiful photos of my family. One of my best friends!
Whitney Metz

Kylee is the most patient mom ever…. My favorite memory with Kylee is watching bachelor at her house, or going to bear lake last year for her birthday! I am grateful for Kylees unconditional love for pretty much everyone… She is the sweetest and most genuine human I’ve ever met! I love that Kylee is afraid of throw up ha ha… I love that Kylee understands my life because she loves through the craziness too. I love that Kylee is so willing to help others. I am grateful for Kylees good example. I am grateful for the amazing friendship we have! I love her sense of humor and that she loves to play settlers of Catan. I really just think she is the best friend, sweetest human, genuine soul and best photographer ever ha ha!!!

Brennan Terry
Kylee Ann Photography_0593
I love Kylee because she was able to help me feel like my family was real and whole, even when I felt as though it was broken. She helped me feel beautiful again and worthy of the love and support from those around me. Kylee was there as I found love again and was able to capture our first moments as an eternal family! I love that Kylee is real and genuine. She is truthful and honest in her actions and dealings with those around her. I am so very impressed with who she is and how she treats other people. I look up to her and aspire to be more like her in many ways! I am thankful to know Kylee as more than just an acquaintance. She excels in all aspects of her life and I’m greatly impressed with how well she balances it all. She lives life with such a flair it’s contagious!
Amanda Kinsel
 Kylee Ann Photography_2576
I love how we have hot tub bachelorette events. We cry and laugh over other people’s love interest! Always so welcoming to let us invade the house!
Jamie Vawdrey
Kylee Ann Photography_0897
I am thankful that Kylee loves my children and is always interested in how they are doing and what is going on in their lives. I love that Kylee is doing exactly what she loves and is so gifted at. She has blessed so many lives with her talents. I love that people treat Kylee like a celebrity! I love the way Kylee interacts and treats Bryden – never embarrassed and always supportive.
Kylee Ann Photography_0674
I love that Kylee is supportive of me and always builds me up.
Kylee Ann Photography_2451

I love that Kylee has so much energy is that tiny body. I love that no matter what/who/where you are, Kylee will help. I love that Kylee uses her talent to spread joy to others through memories, but also shares her vast knowledge to make those around her even better. I love that she makes each and every person feel as if they are her favorite. I love that she exposes the reality of life to others, and reminds us that everyone can have a bad day. I’m grateful to have Kylee in my life and grateful to call her a friend. happiest birthday wishes to an amazing mini van mom!

Margaret Gittins

I love that Kylee is so inclusive. She naturally loves people and wants to make them feel welcome and loved. I am grateful that Kylee always makes time for me. She is one of my very best friends. Kylee is an incredible example of loyalty. Especially to her family. Kylee is so easy to talk to. She is a bright light not only to me, but to everyone around her. One of my favorite memories of Kylee is when we were playing a very competitive round of catch phrase and she accident hit Piper in the head with the game!
Stephanie Wood
I admire Kylee because she is Christlike.
I admire Kylee because she is Talented.
I admire Kylee because she is Forgiving.
I admire Kylee because she is Hard Working.
I admire Kylee because she is Creative.
I admire Kylee because she is Smart.
I admire Kylee because she is Dedicated.
Jacki Erickson
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.13.36 PM
I love that Kylee is such a happy sharing personality and shares her talents and love of photography with those around her! I am thankful for Kylee’s continued encouragement and her exceptional ability to grow the talents of others around her! I love feeling her love of life! I am thankful for knowing Kylee and especially getting to learn from her over these years!!  I have enjoyed a one-on-one mentoring session and enjoyed fun learning opportunity in Seaside!!
Landa McClure
Kylee is not only a beauty but also a true inspiration. She has such a bright and positive personality that I absolutely love! I’ve learned so much from Kylee, especially when attending her workshop that truly changed my life and career. She is a blessing as a teacher to all of us photographers, and I’m so grateful to have met such an amazing person.
Caitlyn Chase
I love that Kylee is a friend to everyone. I love that Kylee loves to help others. I wouldn’t be where I’m at with my photography if it wasn’t for her! I love that Kylee brings out the best in others. She is always so kind, helpful, and encouraging.
Lauren Anderson
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To the girl I have never met:  Thanks for letting my family stay in your house,  even though you weren’t there.  Thanks for being a true friend to Rachel and the best boss she ever had.   I love that you want to share your successes in the photography world with anyone that will listen.  Willing to help others succeed too.   I love how you always make time for your family and that you aren’t afraid to ask for help in the the process.  I love that you tell the story of your brides in pictures and words.   Wishing you a great day!
Kathie Hudson
I love Kylee because she is first a mom & then a lady boss! She helps us other moms in the working industry by being such a great example of work life + mom life. She works hard + plays hard & shows the rest of us how important family is. Kylee is so great with her business advice and I have loved reading material she puts out for each of us to help grow & balance work life + home life. Kylee makes seeeeriously cute babies Kylee has such An amazing smile that is so contagious! She’s got the rockingest dance moves I’ve never met a more giving & caring person- she truly wants everyone to succeed right along with her! She has the coolest Van.
Tia Montgomery


I love that she is so kind and willing to give. She is such a great example to me of looking out for and supporting others. I hope I can be just like her one day! She is also amazing at so many things and yet so humble. She doesn’t think she is better or above anyone. Kylee is the best!! Happy birthday!!
Chalise Petersen
I love that Kylee is ALWAYS positive and happy, regardless of the situation. One of our favorite memories of Kylee is watching the Bachelor…let’s just say we’re all obsessed. :D  Kylee makes you feel loved and important. I admire Kylee’s ability to create such a successful and fun business! I’m grateful that Kylee loves her family and shares it with her clients and followers!!!
Kristen and Ian Blake
I’m pretty convinced that Kylee is the best mom in the world!! She’s so down to earth about the whole child raising thing and lets them be little. Kylee is my biggest cheerleader!! She has always supported all my crazy ideas and makes it possible to be the kind of photographer I’ve always wanted to be!! She truly believes in the potential in others and she is passionate about kindness. I am a better person for knowing Kylee. She never fails to crack me up telling simple stories with just the way she sees the world.. she’s not trying to fit any kind of mold, she’s 100% authentic. The day I got the “you’re hired….seriously” email was the best day of my life. Kylee was my idol and now my best friend. I rarely make it through 12 hours without checking in with her… #emotionalsupport. I’ve felt Heavenly Father lead my life to merge with Kylee’s in an amazing way that is undeniable. Thanks for the memories and being my #businessspouse.
Rachel Hudson
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Kylee Maughan

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