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The Maughan Family | 5 Reasons to Bring a Puppy to Your Photo Session

After photographing the Maughan family and their newest family member I couldn’t help but think of at least 5 reasons to bring a puppy to your photo session.  I couldn’t get over how she just followed Kylee around and would never walk more than a few feet away from her.  My favorite thing was watching Tillie run toward her any time they got separated.

Now, everyone knows that a puppy won’t stay little for long which is one reason they decided to include her in their photo session this time!  Have you ever wondered if bringing a puppy to your photo session would be a good idea?  Are you worried that they would be distracting or make it hard on everyone else in the family and/or your photographer?  Well, I’m here to talk you into it, so here you go!

5 reasons to Bring a Puppy to Your Photo Session

1 .  It will give everyone something to do.

Do you ever think that going to get your pictures taken is kind of boring?  If you bring your puppy to your photo session with you everyone can focus on giving it attention rather than the fact that the camera is pointed right at them.  On that note…

2 . The focus isn’t on you, so you feel more comfortable.

With your puppy there you won’t feel as thought the focus is only on you.  Instead of feeling awkward in front of the camera you can just snuggle and play!

Puppy to Your Photo Session Puppy to Your Photo Session

3 . The cuteness factor.

Obviously.  Your photos might be a thousand percent cuter with a Tillie in there.  I mean, you’re cute too, but it’s hard to compete.

Puppy to Your Photo Session

4.  An endless amount of cuddles.

You get an excuse to cuddle your dog as much as you want without any distractions!

Puppy to Your Photo Session

5.  Memories of them when they were small.

As much as we would love to have our puppies stay small and adorable, we know they will all grow up eventually.  Get a little (or a lot) bigger, and lose that puppy face.  Can you think of a better way to remember what your life was like right when you first added to your family?  Or how absolutely adorable that little face was?  Those are things you will never want to forget.
Puppy to Your Photo Session Puppy to Your Photo Session


October 4, 2021

Alycia Loftus

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