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Have a HUGE Support System? That’s my specialty! | Crowd Control at Weddings

Crowd Control at Weddings

After 5 years of being a wedding photographer, I can honestly say one of my biggest strengths is photographing LARGE groups! It’s definitely not easy and sometimes feels like herding cats… 😂 So many brides and grooms worry about having too many friends and family. You don’t have to worry about that with me.

I have learned a few key things that make my family formals go VERY smooth! Every single wedding, a least a few uncles and the dads come up to me to say thank you for taking charge and making it painless!


Here are the things I do:

  1. I start talking and creating relationships the SECOND I see your family members. I ask people to explain how everyone is related. It’s sooo helpful for me to already start putting faces to names!

  2. I tell everyone the plan. I find that awesome aunt, cousin or sister that every family has and have them help me spread the word that we will head to the stairs once I give the signal.

  3. I am super clear about what picture we are doing and who I need in it! When you are done with photos, I tell the group who can LEAVE and it helps so people aren’t just hanging out having nooo idea if they should stay! 💕

If you want to AVOID the problem of chaotic family photos on your wedding day, email me!!! I’d love to be your photographer!

Tell me, how many family members do you think will be in your extended family photo? The highest number I’ve photographed was just under 100!! It was awesome!

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