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Meet Kylee

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How is your skin feeling after this winter? Dry? Flaky? Covered in Blemishes? Wind-burnt? I’ve used THREE things to curb my nasty winter skin this season. AND MY SKIN WAS SOFT AS BUTTER. Every time I was not loyal with these steps, my skin broke out or dried out all over again. It was all thanks […]

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Are you running low on make up? Can’t get the last of that product out of the corners of your tins? Let me teach you a life hack. How to melt your Maskcara foundation tins. Lets suck every ounce of product out of that tiny thing! Make your Maskcara tins functional and beautiful again. There […]

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So many women are focused on finding a Maskcara artist near them! I can assure you that everything can be done long distance as long as you have an artist that’s willing to put in the work. More than half of my artists and customers do NOT live near me. On day one I decided […]

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Well first let me ask you, do you have a toddler? Because if you do, these answers will greatly vary from reality 😉 How long does Maskcara last? I have been using Maskcara make up for over a year now! One of the best parts is how much it has saved me money. Instead of […]

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A Maskcara artist is an affiliate of Maskcara Beauty. When you sign up to be an artist, you get a full kit of make up and training to use that make up on your friends and family. No previous experience in make up or selling necessary. You also get your own website and license to […]

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Glam doesn’t have to be complicated. What I love about my make up routine is that it’s quick and flawless. If I’m going on a date or dressing up for the camera, I want to take my make up to the next level without spending an hour on my face. I’m a mom of three…not […]

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First of all, I think wrinkles are absolutely beautiful. They show life. But I know that might not be how you feel as your skin ages and changes. You should try facial skin tightening as you will immediately notice smoother, softer skin and a more youthful appearance. Visit to schedule your treatment and enjoy […]

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Speed of leader is speed of the pack! If you want your team to grow, you have to push yourself. If you think it’s going to happen and believe that it’s going to happen then you will attract opportunities and people that make it happen. Dream Big BIGGER, Work Hard & Make it Happen with these […]

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Meet Cara Brook: a famous beauty blogger and make up artist that revolutionized make up. After blogging for a few years and doing thousands of make up tutorials, she saw a huge gap in the market that she was determined to fix. In 2013, Cara created. It was so powerful it could enhance skin tone, […]

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Is Maskcara natural? What are Maskcara Ingredients? There are so many products out there that contain harsh ingredients and chemicals. Its no wonder people are concerned about what they are putting on their face. I have had horrible skin over the years and have dived into learning about which ingredients are bad for your skin. […]

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Bleh. Burn out. The cycle of running a business is rough. You start out so excited. You’re happy to work for pennies (or negative pennies) because the possibilities are endless and the motivation is coming from all directions. Late nights, all nighters and early mornings become the norm because you are living your dreams. Then […]

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Dark Skin Maskcara Are you tired of going to the beauty aisles and finding NOTHING in your color? Or spending a ton of money on contour and blush only to have it not even show up? Make Up for Dark Skin has been impossible to find. Dark Skin Maskcara Never fear! The best make up for dark […]

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