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How to Recruit Maskcara Artists to your Team

Speed of leader is speed of the pack!

If you want your team to grow, you have to push yourself. If you think it’s going to happen and believe that it’s going to happen then you will attract opportunities and people that make it happen.

Dream Big BIGGER, Work Hard & Make it Happen with these Action Steps:

  • Create a Bubble Map: Use empty circles to show the people you need for the rank you want. Fill in the circles with the names of the teammates you have and the teammates you want.
  • Create a Chicken List: The people that you are too afraid to talk to about this opportunity but would be incredible.
  • Create a Dirt List: The people that would buy dirt if you were selling it.
  • Lead by example. Be a leader to attract leaders. Be a go getter to attract go getters. Be a hustler to attract hustlers.
  • Connect to People in the way that I shared HERE.

Our team uses attraction marketing to grow. We are completely ourselves and because of that we attract the best people for what we can offer. We don’t believe in spammy sells. All it takes is to simply share your heart.

Ask Yourself

What has Maskcara given you??? If it hasn’t given you anything, there’s no reason to recruit. We don’t recruit for better paychecks. We recruit to give people this opportunity.

Write Down Answers

Would it benefit them? Has it changed your life or will it change your life? What things appealed to me when I joined? Where are my people? I.e. online, in my neighborhood, friends of friends etc. What is my favorite thing about Maskcara? 

There are Two Types of People

There are business minded artists and makeup minded artists. Personally, I am business minded, but my twin sister is makeup minded. This is why we make a great team!

When you are talking to someone about Maskcara, make sure you know what kind of person they are. Do they want to share the make up? or is their priority in making money and replacing their income?

As a business owner I loved how I could integrate Maskcara with what I was already doing. I don’t want to restart. I want another revenue stream that doesn’t make me build an entire new clientele. Think about how it could work for others. Make sure you focus on what they need when you’re sharing this business not how it would benefit you.

Learn more about joining the most amazing Maskcara Beauty Team here!

But be warned: I won’t just tell you how to sell make up. I plan on teaching you how to be the best version of yourself – for your kids, for your husband, and for your future endeavors.

Team Twins and Co is a powerful group of bosses that work hard, uplift and grow TOGETHER. These girls have conquered some of life’s biggest challenges. I hope these principles and life lessons that are shared on our team will be passed on for generous.


January 21, 2019

Kylee Maughan

Kylee Ann Mentors moms on all things business. Join us weekly for short bite sized episodes with takeaways that empower you in your role as a business owner and mother! 












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