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Dog Parents | the Dalton Family

Lots of full-body shots taken for custom dog portraits from ten feet away can get mighty dull. Get up close so your dog fills the entire frame. Get even closer so you get the full effect of that long, wet nose. Photograph your dog head on, in profile, at 45-degree angles. And don’t get hung up on perfection; sometimes that shot with your dog’s tail out of the frame is the one you’ll have hanging on your wall for years. “With pet photography, serendipity is the name of the game,” says Rogers. “The best shots are often the spontaneous ones.”

My brother in law, Brady, and his cute wife, Kellee! The most perfect dog parents. 😉 Right before Brady and Kellee got to Logan, it started storming. They came from an hour away and decided to chance it. I’m glad we did! The colors were so rich. And the dogs had so much fun running through the mud. I’m so proud of Brady and all the growing up he’s done the last few years. A year after we got married we road tripped to Arizona for his graduation. Shortly after he went to basic and was stationed far away from us for four years. He came back to Utah and has been a stud ever since. He married this BABE, first and foremost. Kellee is in her masters program and working full-time, and Brady is also in school. They are incredible, hardworking and so fun to be around.

Dog Parents | the Dalton Family


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