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Dudley’s | Gilbert Arizona Family Pictures

Dudley’s | Gilbert Arizona Family Pictures

I met Amanda for the first time at my SIL’s baby shower in Arizona. We quickly found out that we had to have met at some point in the past few years. She is friends with a friend of mine in San Diego, and I became friends with that friend through my husband (did you get all that?)

We sat and devoured some delicious cake as we connected all the dots. We talked about her cute boys, her husband, San Diego, and chatted the night away. 

Gilbert Arizona Family Pictures Gilbert Arizona Family Pictures

I travel back and forth to Arizona quite a bit visiting family!

My SIL shares when I am in town and always tries to help me fill my photography schedule when I am there. Amanda saw the advertisement and booked immediately! I was so excited that I was going to meet her family!

Gilbert Arizona Family Pictures

Choosing a location was a little tricky

I was staying 45 minutes away in San Tan Valley and Amanda lives in Tempe. My SIL knows Amanda very well and helped us find the perfect location. She found a picture of a beautiful location with rich, ed reeds growing out of a beautiful desert-scape and we both knew that this was the right place!

It just so happened that this particular park was a place I have shot a few times before and I knew that we had to get shots in front of the overgrown saguaros donning beautiful lavender blooms! 

Riparian Park in Gilbert AZ

Its is located next to a city library and always filled with families, bird watchers, and photographers. It is a large pond surrounded by walking trails where you can’t miss the cute, desert Jack Rabbits running down the trails. It was the perfect place to capture the Dudley’s and has become one of my favorite locations in Arizona.

Gilbert Arizona Family Pictures | See more of Shelby’s work here!

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November 16, 2020

Shelby Preston

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