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Effortless Bows | Bow Photography

Styling bows to show them off in photography is so fun!  After photographing these bows, I was inspired in the hair bow world, and I wanted to talk about different ways to style hair bows. The options can be endless when you have a little girl with any amount of hair. It is so fun to have a collection of hair bows to use on your daughters.

Effortless Bows Effortless Bows Effortless Bows

Here are some ways you can wear hair bows

  1. On a headband with the bow to the side.
  2. On an alligator clip pinned to the side
  3. Half up pinned in the back
  4. My favorite is half up pig tails with a bow on each side.
  5. All up pig tails with a bow on each side
  6. Pinned to space buns!
  7. Styled with a bun or top knot or even a side bun
  8. At the bottom of 1 or 2 braids
  9. At the top of your pony tail
  10. Attached to the elastic with some up some down
  11. At the bottom of your side braid

Wearing bows is great for spicing up life in general, but it can also add to your photoshoot as well. Adding accessories is always encouraged to give character and more little details.

Check out for adorable bows for your little girls!

Effortless Bows

Here is a little bit about Mary, the owner of The effortless bow!

“Hi there, Mary here!!  I am the owner, creator, and crafter behind The Effortless Bow.  I have two children, a son and a daughter.  My 6 year old daughter has sweet curls, but no matter how we try to style it, they become crazy, wild, and frizzy.  In an attempt to tame them, I started creating bows for her hair, adding a perfect touch of style and to keep her hair in place while she runs around like the little ball of energy she is.

After showing off her bows, her friends requested I’d make some for them. As I did, I realized the opportunities selling my bows bring and The Effortless Bow was born.

I’ve been crafting and creating my whole life. I am grateful to not only do something that feeds my soul but my practical yet cute products bring others joy, too.

Follow us on Instagram @theeffortlessbow to see behind the scenes, get a heads up on new releases & sales!”

Mary makes all sorts of darling bows at great prices and for so many occasions. These are perfect little stocking stuffers for Christmas too!

Effortless Bows Effortless Bows

January 3, 2022

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