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Fall Minis in Cache Valley Utah

When I moved to Cache Valley in Utah, I was a Washington girl through and through. I loved green pine trees and rain and overcast skies. I came here for school and not because of the mountains or weather. In fact I didn’t appreciate the snow or landscape for the longest time. I think I was trying to stick to my Washington roots.

It wasn’t until I started doing photography things like fall minis in Cache Valley that I started really appreciating the beauty. It really is irresistible–the mountains in the fall!!!


Fall Minis in Cache Valley

Why do we do fall minis in Cache Valley instead of winter or spring or summer? Taking a look at sessions it won’t be hard to see the beauty fall brings. Fall is such a beautiful time for the trees and mountains. Not to mention the outfits are the very cutest in the fall…

There are so many reasons fall is the perfect time for mini sessions. Here’s a few:

  • For most families they are just starting a new chapter in their lives. Kids are going back to school, often times with fresh haircuts and new clothes. And everyone feels shiny and new.
  • Christmas is vastly approaching–which means Christmas card season is coming up quick and there’s nothing worse to a mother than sharing out of date pictures, blurry pictures of their babies with relatives.
  • Weather in Utah is hot in the summer and cold in winter which means fall is perfect. With grumpy husbands and kids to deal with, weather is often a deal breaker!
  • My schedule & everyone else’s is more routine. During holidays and summer vacation, there is so much going on. It makes it hard for people to schedule things in advance. With set schedules it’s much more manageable to schedule a chunk of time for family pictures.
  • Photographers know lighting is so important. Part of the reason fall minis in Cache Valley are great is because the time of the year makes for more consistently good lighting. Making it easier for the photographers, editors, and families. (No one likes a squinty family picture).
  • The backdrop is so vast that it provides such an open canvas for big and small families. Without overpowering the outfits it provides a complimentary foundation for many color schemes.

If you live anywhere from Preson to Brigham, make sure to get on the schedule next year for fall minis in Cache Valley!


October 15, 2020

Kylee Maughan

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