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Meet Kylee

Graduation • Now & Then 6 Years Apart

hello friends, Brooklyn here.

So… Kylee took my high school senior pictures 6 years ago!! Back then, I was extremely awkward in front of a camera. Like angry, tense, overly sensitive, etc. etc…. The problem is she lived in UT and I lived in WA, so we had a limited window of time. It got to the point where we were both yelling / laughing and I was crying. So we called it quits and did it the next time she was in town instead. I was still awkward and sensitive but we were both more prepared for the experience that time so it went better.

She captured my mission announcement, my cheesy pre-mission photos, and the precious moments when I came home 18 months later.

She was there to take my engagement & bridal photos. Not only did she have one but two awkward people to work with. But we both had gotten better at it, and luckily I had someone to share the spotlight with.

I hate asking my sister to take my pictures for free because I don’t want to ever take her away from her family. But of course, being the angel she is, she always comes through. Looking back, it seems really special that she’s been there to document every significant event in my life.

For my 2020 graduation pictures, I’m proud to announce that there were no tears AND there was zero yelling from either of us. I’m proud of this accomplishment. Both the graduation, and the lack of tears and yelling. And I’m grateful to be uniquely blessed to have shared each of these moments with my sister. I wouldn’t want to have anyone else on the other side of the camera.

xx Brooklyn


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