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In Home Birth Story Logan Utah

I showed up to shoot Britt’s birth and no one answered the door. I paced from front door to back door, called her, texted her, rang the doorbell. Her last labor was 2 hours start to finish so I thought for sure she must be in the middle of delivery and I was seconds away from busting down the door to enter a war zone. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The midwife and I walked in ready to get to business and we found her outside sunbathing in her bikini and birth plan. Calm, collected, tan, gorgeous, peaceful. Then, Britt asked me to do her make up in between contractions. (She said she left it on for three days because she felt so pretty.)

Britt labored outside in the sunshine, on her bed with her husband laying by her side, standing, sitting and in the living room. She went from room to room laughing and joking in between each contraction. Her husband Danny was the best birth partner…keeping things light and funny, but also serious and calm. He was kind, patient, supportive. They made the perfect team. Her doula was also AMAZING with back rubs, birthing plans and keeping everything the way Britt envisioned.

When Lucy was finally ready to arrive things got a little intense…but in the calmest way. The contractions were SO strong but so was she. Danny was holding her tight and keeping her focused, and she was as beautiful as ever.

Lucy came into the world just before 4:00PM…7lbs3oz. Perfect, beautiful. Her brother and sister came just an hour or so later. Britt showered then laid on her bed nursing her baby while watching her husband and kids playing in the backyard.

It was the most beautiful birth story from start to finish I’ve ever witnessed.


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