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Bride Tip • Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

Choosing the perfect cake for your wedding will depend on your traditions, preference, and the theme or style of your wedding.

An ancient wedding tradition was for the bride and groom to break bread with family and friends on their wedding day. It’s become the tradition we now know as “cutting the cake”. It’s meant to represent the first task newlyweds do together.

Cakes & Traditions

Your wedding cake becomes a centerpiece for your wedding, and a symbol of unity and friendship among you and your guests. Traditionally, wedding cakes were white and had several tiers, so that a tier could be saved for the couple’s first anniversary. More often today, the cake or sweets are centered around the theme or style of the wedding, and are served in celebration of the occasion.

There are many options when deciding which cake or sweets to serve at your wedding. Here are a few tips and some visual inspiration from some of our very own KAS Brides.


If you’re into the iconic wedding scene, a typical white multi tiered cake is your best bet. If you’re unsure about what you want, this kind of cake is such a visual representation of a wedding ceremony, it goes with any and every style of wedding you may be planning. Not to mention, anywhere that sells cakes will have an array of similarly styled traditional wedding cakes to choose from, so your options are limitless, and can be as extravagant and expensive or simple and inexpensive as you want or need. I’m a succor for this kind of cake, maybe because it never goes out of style.

More often today, the cake or sweets are centered around the theme or style of the wedding, and are served in celebration of the occasion.

Individual Treats

What you choose to serve your guests may be more about the aesthetic appeal / style than the tradition. Especially when wedding receptions are casual or have a specific theme, this option provides you the freedom to be creative with colors and presentation, offering a selection of sweets instead of a cake. Depending on the timeline of your reception, this could also save minutes, if individual treats are served without having to cut and serve a cake. We’ve seen everything from chocolate covered strawberries to gourmet pudding cups to individual pies.

Each wedding color, season and theme has it’s own assortment of food that will look and taste splendid, if that’s the way you want to go.


Smaller Cakes

Setting aside a smaller cake in addition to the individual treats for the guests provides allows you to have the tradition of cutting the cake but gives freedom to be creative in other ways.

For our Utah Brides, we have several Bride Tip Blog Post’s about Bakeries and Cake Vendors in Ogden, Utah County, Salt Lake City and Logan.

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May 16, 2018

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