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I Spoke at Showit United on How to Build an Associate Photography Team

When I was 20 years old I attended my first conference in Las Vegas and found the Showit community. It was the first place I found that I belonged. Showit is SO SPECIAL to me and because of this I was pretty nervous in Arizona.

It’s not the biggest audience I’ve stood in front of this year, and it’s not the scariest topic I’ve shared. But it was my bucket list conference. I wanted to make the same impact that other speakers here have had on me over the years.

 How to Build an Associate Photography Team | Showit United 2019

Why I wanted to Speak at Showit United

I’ve had many opportunities to speak, teach and share at conferences, workshops and groups both big and small, but nothing would be possible without the community I found as a Showiteer/Shoot and Share member back in my beginner days. Nearly 7 years ago I had a BIG shift at WPPI in the Shoot and Share hallway…and I vowed that I would give back the way the speakers did ALWAYS.

There is NOTHING like Showit United out there for photographers! Its the best of the best (and I’ve been to A LOT of conferences) and I want to be apart of it as much as possible. I respect Todd and Elisa for the way they run their business and conference. I’ve had opportunities to speak at very similar conferences, but that sense of a community and feeling of belonging was missing.

I am a huge advocate for kindness and inclusion, and at Showit these words aren’t just words.

 How to Build an Associate Photography Team | Showit United 2019

My topic at Showit United 2019

Kylee Ann Studios is one of the best associate teams in the nation. And I was honored to speak on How to Build an Associate Photography Team that grows together. An associate team is more than making more money or booking all the clients. Its creating a family, extending your brand and serving more people in the best way possible. In my class, I taught when photographers are ready and when they are not ready to grow their team. I covered how I find my associates, train my photographers and editors, and price our packages.

 How to Build an Associate Photography Team | Showit United 2019

I am passionate about designing a business that fits your life.

Being an entrepreneur means designing a schedule that fits your life instead of fitting life around your schedule. Even though I’m shooting less weddings (4 in 2019) and will continue to slow down, Kylee Ann Studios is thriving. It wasn’t always this simple. When I was Kylee Ann Photography the one-woman-show, breaks meant NO PAYCHECKS. Having a team means my brand keeps growing even if I need to take a breather.

Are you ready to grow your photography team?

If you’re at a place where you want your business to grow, but you can’t do all the things all the time, you may be ready to consider growing your team. I want you to grow a team that loves their job, respects your brand and is in it for the long haul. This one woman show has grown from one to seven, $35 to multi-six figure, a handful of weddings to 75 per year and solopreneur to a family. You can do it, too.

“How to Build an Associate Photography Team” class

I released my “How to Grow an Associate Team” class at United! If you are ready to grow your team, find our class and more resources here!


December 5, 2019

Kylee Maughan

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