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The Best Wedding DJ | One Above Entertainment

The Best Wedding DJ | One Above Entertainment

One Above Entertainment, DJ Cooper Brown, is the best wedding DJ we have ever worked with! We recommend him to all our brides looking for a DJ in Utah. He is willing to travel for weddings out of state, too. Here is a little from him & how he can serve you on your big day! @OneAboveEntertainment


Cooper Brown offers personalized and high-energy DJ & MC services to create wedding experiences that are far above average. He also offers classic photo booth rentals as well as a new digital photo booth that immediately texts the images to your phone. Cooper also owns Charisma Event Lighting which provides unique monogram projection and uplighting rental options for weddings and corporate events. His custom monogram lighting allows couples to project their names and wedding date with a custom design on the wall or dance floor – it allows them to put their mark and brand on the venue for the day. He can even do custom motion monograms which means the design actually has movement  to it such as fireworks bursting in the background, snow flakes falling from the sky, or elegant flowers swirling around the border. It’s super unique to Utah and couples love it!  @CharismaEventLighting


DJ Cooper Brown specializes in working with couples to create an unforgettable wedding that truly leaves guests talking about it for years. He creates this next level experience by really getting to know his couples through his organized and detailed planning process. Cooper gives a lot of super unique ideas on how to make each aspect of the wedding more personalized, fun, and memorable. He then work with couples to develop an entertainment plan that is geared 100% towards their style.

What sets him apart:

DJ Cooper Brown has an outstanding 130+ reviews across google, FB, and WeddingWire, all of which are 5-star reviews. He’s the highest reviewed local DJ in all of Utah! A few things that set him apart from others is that he truly CAREs about his couples and the experience they and their friends and family have. Because of his true care he put in hours and hours of preparation before the wedding day even comes. This preparation allows Cooper to consistently create an exceptional 5-star experience.

Cooper has been DJing and MCing since 2009. He has been the resident stadium DJ for the BYU basketball games where he played for 15,000-19,000 people every week. Cooper has also done many corporate events and hundreds of weddings. He has also MCed galas, fundraisers, and marathons. All of this experience allows DJ Cooper Brown to be very versatile in how he approaches each and every wedding. Experience is definitely something that sets him apart.

Cooper has also been trained as a professional Master of Ceremonies (MC). This is something SUPER unique about him. Think about it, the actual wedding ceremony, grand entrance, first dance, toast, cake cutting, grand exit, etc. are all small ceremonies that make up a wedding. As a professional MC Cooper Browns knows how to engage the emotions of all guests so that each aspect of the wedding is exciting, unforgettable, and personalized. As a master of ceremonies he also helps to lead, guide, and direct the evening so everything stays on time without the wedding couple or parents needing to worry about the timeline. This is a huge benefit to many of his couples because they can now enjoy their wedding day without worrying about the timeline. This is often mentioned in his 5-star reviews!

What you can expect from DJ Cooper Brown:

You can expect Cooper to be super easy and fun to work with. He’s extremely organized and is focused on making the entire planning process fun and efficient. You’ll receive access to his detailed five page wedding entertainment planner which will allow you to edit and tweak each and every section of the wedding. Couples have a lot of fun doing this and it’s really helpful as it brings up a lot of important items that couples usually don’t think about. DJ Cooper Brown will then meet in person with his clients a month or so before the wedding to go over the entire entertainment planner. During this meeting he shares a ton of unique ideas that many couples have never heard of or considered. This is a huge value add because these ideas help to separate their wedding from the ‘normal’ weddings and also allows each aspect of the night to be customized towards their style.

You can also expect to let Cooper know exactly how much interaction and MCing you want at your wedding. Some couples like him to be really interactive (of course not cheesy) while others prefer him to play more of a background role and focus on music. Either way, DJ Cooper Brown excel at either one and his planning consultation meeting allows you to dial this according to your taste.

Why should you book One Above Entertainment for your big day?

DJ Cooper Brown is 100% confident that he will give each and every client the absolute best wedding experience that they and their friends will be talking about for years to come. If you don’t believe this, check out this review that a groom left him on Google a year and a half after the wedding

“This review is criminally late, but exceedingly deserved. Cooper handled DJ’ing my wedding at Sleepy Ridge in Orem, UT in Oct. 2018 and my wife and I still talk about how awesome it was. My family brings up how fun our reception was almost weekly, and it was in no small part due to Cooper’s infectious personality, unstoppable positivity, and incredibly entertaining games that kept the party alive all night. We could not be happier we involved Cooper in our ceremony and will ABSOLUTELY be keeping his number for future events.” – Jonathan M.

Cooper consistently delivers these unforgettable wedding experiences which is why so many planners, venues, photographers, and past couples refer him (including us!). They know how hard it is to find a really good DJ and MC and when they see what Cooper can do they immediately know he is not just the average DJ and MC.

Cooper’s DJ business has done so well that he quit his day job in early 2020 so he can focus 100% of his energy on his successful DJ and lighting businesses. His DJ schedule for the year is already very busy.


Cooper started DJing in 2009 in Ventura County, California when he was 16. However, the love for entertaining started far before that. Cooper Brown was that 10 and 11 yr old kid who would volunteer to talk at his school assemblies because he loved being able to help create an amazing moment that captured people’s attention. When he was 12, he started learning how to ride a unicycle because I saw someone on TV doing it. After 1 week he could ride around my entire block without falling! After this he thought it would be cool to juggle so his mom bought him some VHS tapes on how to do juggling tricks. Cooper mastered that after a few months and then people started asking him to perform for small local shows. At those shows he received the request to do balloon animals so he decided to learn that as well. Before he knew it, he was a juggling, unicycle riding, balloon animal entertainer and he absolutely LOVED it! One show had 600 people in the audience Cooper rode in on his unicycle with his assistant sitting on his shoulders. The assistant jumped off when he arrived at the stage, Cooper hopped up the stairs to the stage, then did a juggling routine. As a 12-14 year old cooper loved every moment of this. When he was 14-16, Cooper started getting really into dancing and music. He loved going to all of the local dances and he would be that one guy who was getting the entire crowd hyped for a big drop in a song. He was definitely the DJs best friend because he helped bring so much energy to the dance floor. When Cooper was 16 he threw his own dance party with a friend in his backyard and it was the best party of the year. He played music off of his laptop and the dance floor was packed all night. People kept telling him at school that we were good DJs. Cooper and his friend had never thought about being a “DJ” before… So a few months later they started their own DJ company, One Above Entertainment.

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March 6, 2020

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