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Meet Kylee

Rexburg Idaho Temple | Kylee And Chase Wedding

Healing Sanctuary in Idaho Falls

I love getting to photograph the Rexburg Idaho Temple! Kylee and Chase brought me to Idaho for their wedding and it was the best day! They have such a story of fate and love. Kylee began working for a family ran business. Her boss became intent on setting her up with Chase, a member of the family. Both Kylee and Chase heard a bunch about each other from all the family members but just never met. Somehow the day of their meeting landed on a fateful event.


Venue: The Healing Sanctuary

Rentals: Rent the Event – Shelley, ID (decorations)
Wedding Dress: Margene’s Bridal Idaho Falls
Catering: Catered Your Way

Rexburg Wedding Photographer


p style=”text-align: center;”>Here is the story straight from the couple themselves! “It just so happened that one of Kylee’s best friend’s was coming home from her mission in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the Idaho Falls Airport the same day that Chase’s brother Zach was returning from his mission in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Idaho Falls Airport…. You guessed it..on the same flight! Kylee and Chase were both there to great their returned missionaries. The family made sure Kylee was introduced to Chase and the rest is history. :)”

 Just one week after meeting at the airport they went on their first date. They went to the famous Nielsen’s Custard in Rexburg. After ice cream they ended up walking around and talking for a very long time. They clicked so well that their first date lasted almost 6 hours long!


p style=”text-align: center;”>They are truly best friends and I’m so excited they are getting married! 

Kylee shared the porposal story with me and it’s too cute not to share in full! “Apparently Chase had been planning the proposal for a while, and while I knew he had been looking for rings I can honestly say it completely caught me by surprise. We had created a recent habit of going to the temple together every Friday night and this week he suggested we switch it up a bit and go to the Idaho Falls Temple. I agreed to it and because it was a cold day, we decided to grab some hot chocolate after the session (little did I know this was part of the plan!). We then drove to what I thought was going to be dinner, but we ended up at the Japanese Friendship Gardens. I immediately saw a gazebo with Christmas lights on it and thought “aww how cute, someone is getting engaged tonight!” (I had no idea that someone was ME!).

He asked me if I had been there and I said no, so he said we should take a walk around. We got to a point where we could either walk over to the gazebo or continue on our path. I tried to keep walking on the path but he was insistent on going toward the gazebo. I mentioned that I didn’t feel good about that because I didn’t want to ruin someone’s special night be he kept insisting so I ended up following. It didn’t hit me until I noticed rose petals on the snow leading up to the gazebo and I looked up and saw pictures of us hanging around the gazebo. I immediately looked at him and said “oh!” and he just laughed and said, “yep.”

I then heard the click of cameras and saw that my photographer roommate was taking pictures and after that it was all kind of a daze. (I guess he had been talking to me this whole time, but I was just trying to take it all in). He turned me around and got on a knee and proposed. It was the sweetest thing. His younger siblings were there taking videos and pictures (they had decorated the gazebo for us). It was the sweetest night!”


Healing Sanctuary Ballroom

Their wedding day was soo beautiful and perfect. They were sealed at the Rexburg Idaho Temple early in the morning! They had so many family members there to celebrate with them. These two are very family oriented and there was such a sweet atmosphere around the whole day. Their venue was the Healing Sanctuary Ballroom. It is such a beautiful place for a wedding. There was a grand staircase and dark blue curtains over the stage. This venue used to be an LDS church building that has been turned into a medical clinic. It was perfect.

   Rexburg Idaho Temple Rexburg Idaho Temple  Rexburg Idaho Temple

Venue: The Healing Sanctuary

Rentals: Rent the Event – Shelley, ID (decorations)
Wedding Dress: Margene’s Bridal Idaho Falls
Catering: Catered Your Way

Kelly Canyon in Idaho Falls

We went a few weeks ahead of their Rexburg Idaho Temple wedding to Kelly Canyon in Idaho Falls and shot their bridals in the mountains. It was such a special evening with these two adventuring around the hills. I loved getting to laugh with them. Their wedding reception was at a super cool venue in Idaho Falls, Idaho. It’s called the Healing Sanctuary. There were so many people there to congratulate them. They had yummy food and all the fun wedding traditions. I’m so glad that they get to be married forever! Congrats you two!!

Rexburg Idaho Temple Rexburg Idaho Temple Rexburg Idaho Temple


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